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A Teacher And Her Class

The teacher was Mrs Trixie Addison who was from Greta Road Skelton.

Back row: Mrs Addison, Sharon Rowe, Athena Sakelaropoulos, Jane Louth, Jeanette Stephenson, Nina ?, Helen Beachaump, Tracy Craggs.

Third row: Amanda Jemmerson, Andrew Smith, David Turner, Mark Osbourne, Andrew Champion, Sean Smithies, Ian Tennant, Philip Harris.

Second row: Michael Skidmore, Danny Kemp, Michael Dorgan, Wayne Hunter, Courtney Hood?, David Patton, Andrew Bland, Christopher ”Greenie” Green.

Front row: Deborah Evans, Tracy Joplin, ??, ??, ??, Louise Tilburn.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mr Sayers, Adam Cuthbert, Rachel, Pauline, Helen, Deborah Stone, Tracy Craggs, Michael Dorgan and Wayne Hunter for updated names.

Britannia Terrace, Brotton (early 1950s)

A postcard by Frith, taken from Chemist’s Corner looking towards The Green Tree, with The Blood Tub and War Memorial on the right. Although entitled The Avenue, most will be aware that the terrace in the foreground, extending from the pub is actually Britannia Terrace. The Avenue starts from the break in the house line at the far end of Britannia Terrace. Norman Patton thinks the photograph was taken in Coronation Year – 1953.  Anybody think different? Ray Brown informs us ”If the date of early to mid fifties is correct, then the house with the aerial on is that of the Pub Landlord Freddy Harrison, next door to this is the home of Mary Sanderson (my wife’s grandmother) who lived there from about 1915 to 1965 when she died and the last small property would be the home of George Cuthbert and his son Reg; Reg actually lived in this house when all three houses plus the Pub were put up for auction in 1970 – Reg at the time was paying 9/3d rent per week (with the Landlord paying the rates)”.
Image courtesy of Raymond Brown; also thanks to Ian Wilson for the update on the landlord of the Blood Tub.

Britannia Terrace, Brotton Again!

A photograph taken from outside of The White House, looking towards The Green Tree again – slightly earlier time frame this time, the road is white-lined and still the old cast iron road signs. It looks as though the old traffic precedence at Chemist’s Corner was equal from Saltburn or Brotton itself; an interesting state of affairs!  The little wooden hut on the corner next to the War Memorial was a ”Kingdom Hall” and was apparently the meeting place for the local Jewish population (so Julie Riddiough’s grandfather advises), but to my understanding the term Kingdom Hall is used for meeting places for Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The same question as before, when was the picture taken?  Norman suggests post 1935, I can’t disagree with that, tarmac and road lining were in place by then and the old British Standard for road signs had been instituted. Jennifer Harrison advises: “The row of houses on the right is Britannia Terrace, as stated previously. The Avenue was further up the hill on the same side and was a through road leading to the playing fields at the back of the houses. There were several bungalows along The Avenue. The playing fields, which had swings, a see-saw and a sandpit, were just below the old cemetery, where the old church used to be. The old cemetery was also accessed from Kilton Lane. I was born and used to live at The Cottage, High Street, next to St. Margaret’s Church and directly opposite Britannia Terrace. My grandparents, who owned the house, were Harold and Alvinia Patton. The house was next owned by the Cush family”. Whilst Rosie Jones (nee Cush) adds: “Having also been born in The Cottage, this was a familiar view. Interesting to see the shop on Chemists Corner was Baines even then, as it was in my childhood”.

Image courtesy of Raymond Brown and thanks to Jennifer Harrison and Rosie Jones for the updates.

Skinningrove Power House

A picture taken without the benefit of flash and against the internal lighting, it still shows the gas turbine-driven alternator and in the background those beautiful gas motors that used to thud out night and day! This was a most beautiful building inside and although the picture doesn’t show it very well, the whole of the back wall was covered in 1900’s instrumentation. The floor was red earthenware tiles and there was lots of Victorian/Edwardian woodwork.

Image courtesy of Reg Dunning.

Tarmac Roadstone, Skinningrove Works (c.1957)

Here is a picture that is familiar to many, a train of slag wagons tipping their loads at the Tarmac Roadstone Plant on Skinningrove Iron and Steel Works. One wagon is already being tipped while the others wait their turn. Reg Dunning’s father worked the Bucyrus crane that fed the crusher plant that produced roadstone, that was transported in Tarmac Roadstone lorries.

Image courtesy of Reg Dunning.

Pupils On Their Own.

Believed to be Mr Foster’s Class in 1975? But were you there?

Back row: Ruth ?, Tracy Brown, Karen Franks, Paula Park, Sue Pearson, Katherine Riley, Sally Stonehouse, Lynne Janicki, Eileen Byers, Stephanie Auckland, Jane Forrest, Mandy Garbutt, Julie Allinson, Julie Hollingsworth.

Middle row: Alison Brown, Lynne Kentfield, Alison Anderson, Helen Dewsbury, ??, ??, Stephen Housam, Andrew Urban, Karl Noble, Tony Mead, David Porritt.

Front row: Carol Todd, Mark Basham, Paul Bint, Christopher Smith, Keith Jefferson, David Hall, Martin Butters, William Kitchener, David Stephenson, Edwin Sawdon.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; with thanks to Jeff Allinson, Karen Franks (via Alan Franks), TomWebster and Martin Richardson for names updates.

Pupils Lined Up For?

No teacher again, pupils on the loose, but all in a line what are they waiting for?

Mark Smith, Michael Merryweather, Amanda Brogan, Hayley Maxfield, Lesley Clarke, ??, Sandy Ainsley, Marie Gray, Jackie Champion, Susan Phillips, Sandra Leng, Gillian Harrison, Linda Norris, Sharon Swales.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Jeff Allinson and Sharon Stone for the updates.

Were You In This Class?

The class of 1975/6 it is believed.

Back row: Belinda Gillance, David Allison, John Hamilton, Mark Smith, Jason Williams, Christopher Barrett, Richard Mann, Gary Pursley, Ian Drury, Richard Eltherington, Paula Crossland.

Middle row: Lynne Patterson, Tracy Battersbee, Lesley Forrest, Rebecca Lodge, Susan Theobald, Maxine Wheatley, Michelle Gray, Gail Dawson, Rosemary Stone, Louise Ditchburn, Angela Robson, Alison Rowe, Andrea Parker.

Front row: Jeff Allinson, Mark Nicholson, Peter Stevenson, Ian Collinson, Roy Dickinson, Martin Cockburn, Michael Garbutt, John Aitken, Neil Middlemass, James Dobson, Andrew Ward.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson. Thanks to Jeff Allinson for update on the names and possible date, as well as Tom Webster, Michael Garbutt and John Aitken for other missing names.

Mr Forster And Class Of 1977

Viewers of the site must have been sick of of our requests for help, but once again we have all the names. Many thanks to all concerned.

This photograph was taken Jubilee year, these were in last year of juniors.

Top row: Tim Gill, Adrian Dawson, Geoff Grayson, Andrew Conn, Stephen Beckwith, Stephen Glover (in Jaws jumper), Richard Sharp, Ken Templeman, Craig Urban.

Third row: John Samways, June Dobson, Julie Nicholson, Beverly Lawson, Jane Etches, Gillian Boocock, Gillian Logan, Sandra Walker, Denise Wyres, Linda Gray.

Second row: Michael Nicholson, Mark Noble, Pete Nicholson, Wendy Garbutt, Linda Cook, Kay Douglas, Simon Hobson, Roger Clark, Mark Knaggs

Front row: Andrew Barnes, Paul Pasco, Richard Fox, Alan Miller , Mark Unthank.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Andrew Barnes, Ken Templeman, June Walker, Steve Pasco and Peter Nicholson for updated names.

Were you Here With Mr Sayers?

Back Row: Keith Harrison, Karl Kaperski, Wayne Boyes, Richard Muir, Patricia Nicholson, Sue Pearson, Sharon Main, Caroline Tilley, Elaine Riley , Mr Tom Sayers.

Third Row: Mandy Richardson, Elaine Garbutt, Carol Barber, Jean Elsegood, Paula Snowdon, Deborah Wilkins, Debra Theobald, Jane Melville, Barbara Cotterill, Pamela Bland.

Second Row: Simon Lodge, Paul Ritchie, Dave Walker, Lee Spoor, Mark Byers, Neil Yeoman, Carl Marsay, Vincent Dodds.

Front Row: Michael Breckon, Craig Pearson , Paul Janicki, David Etherington.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mandy Richardson, Paul Peart, Kerry Taylor, Karl Marsay, Alexandra and Deborah Gill for names.