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Excellent Attendance in 1904

Excellent attendance at school, especially for a 4 year old! Vida was born in Brotton in 1900, marrying Edwin Hindmarch in 1921; they moved to live at 11 The Avenue, Brotton in 1944 till her death in 1970. Interestingly the Elizabeth Mary Day who was listed as Head Teacher on this certificate was also Brotton born and bred. In 1891, at the age of twenty two Miss Day was head of the Elementary School (on Saltburn Road, Brotton).

Image courtesy of Abi Hindmarch.

2 comments to Excellent Attendance in 1904

  • Malcolm Covell

    Are they related to John hindmarsh who went to guisborough grammar school in about 1955? He used to get on the school bus at Brotton chemist’s corner of my memory serves me right

  • Ian Hindmarch

    I’m Ian Hindmarch the son of Vida Maude Taylor. Abi, who submitted the Attendance Certificate, is my daughter.
    You have a good memory because I used to take the bus for Guisborough Grammar School from Chemist’s Corner on a regular basis from 1955 until 1962.

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