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Were you Here With Mr Sayers?

Back Row: Keith Harrison, Karl Kaperski, Wayne Boyes, Richard Muir, Patricia Nicholson, Sue Pearson, Sharon Main, Caroline Tilley, Elaine Riley , Mr Tom Sayers.

Third Row: Mandy Richardson, Elaine Garbutt, Carol Barber, Jean Elsegood, Paula Snowdon, Deborah Wilkins, Debra Theobald, Jane Melville, Barbara Cotterill, Pamela Bland.

Second Row: Simon Lodge, Paul Ritchie, Dave Walker, Lee Spoor, Mark Byers, Neil Yeoman, Carl Marsay, Vincent Dodds.

Front Row: Michael Breckon, Craig Pearson , Paul Janicki, David Etherington.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mandy Richardson, Paul Peart, Kerry Taylor, Karl Marsay, Alexandra and Deborah Gill for names.

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