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Loftus Zetland Junior 1949

Sue Wesley-Emmerson contacted the Archive with two photographs of her mother Robina (Bunty) Edwards and sought help in identifying others in the photographs; this the first is of pupils at Loftus Junior probably from 1949, can anybody assist with a more precise date or names?

Back row: ‘torn’, ??, Eric Tyreman, John Hill, Ian Davidson, Alan Hoggart, Colin Ward, Tom Fletcher, Ken Swales.

Third row: ‘torn’, Ena Thompson, ??, Iris George, Robina (Bunty) Edwards, Maureen Pressick, Mavis Parkin, Margaret Pennock, Pat Hall, Gladys Whitlock.

Second row: Betty Yeoman, Maureen Walker, ??, Jean Peart?, Penny Tyreman, Noreen Hyde, Sheila Coultas, Ena Peart, Julie Brough.

Front row: Brian Tindale, Terence Boyes, Geoffrey Sawdon, Terence (Tex) Cowan, ? Spearpoint?.

Image courtesy of Sue Wesley-Emmerson, thanks to Betty Want, Joan Jemson, Eric Johnson and Eileen Found for names to date.

Loftus County Modern School 1951

The second of two photographs sent to us by Sue Wesley-Emmerson of Form 2 1952 of Loftus County Modern pictured with their form teacher Mr Zac Stephenson; can anyone assist with names?

Back row: Harry Wildmore, Eric Tyreman, ??, Ian Davidson, John Hill, Alan Hoggarth, Colin Ward, ??, ??, Terry (Skip) Boyes, Mike Ward, Terence (Tex) Cowan.

Second row: Ena Peart, Noreen Hyde, Mavis Parkin, Robina (Bunty) Edwards, Maureen Pressick, Iris George, Margaret Pennock, Pat Hall, Maureen Walker.

Front row: ??, Jean Peart, Penny Tyreman, Mavis Hewison, Betty Yeoman, Mr Zac Stephenson (Teacher), ??, Ena Peart, Margaret Ditchburn, Julie Brough, Freda Fishlock.

Image courtesy of Sue Wesley- Emmerson, thanks to Betty Want (nee Yeoman), Joan Jemson, Eric Johnson and Eileen Found for name to date.

Loftus Zetland Junior 1949/50

Now believed to be the Loftus Junior (Duncan Place/Zetland) school class of 1949/50, with the initial posting the Archive asked: “Can anybody assist; especially if we have got any names incorrect!” Keith Fawcett came to the rescue with: “I was interested to see this photograph and would suggest that the date is more likely to be 1949/50 since another photo on the same page of the site includes quite a few of these children and is described (correctly) as Zetland Juniors Class 7,1951. Whilst most of the faces are familiar, I cannot recall the names of all but would suggest the following (some with more confidence than others).”

Back row: John Mead, Gordon Simpson, Jean Sawdon, Pamela Dobson, Carol Pascoe, Ann Pennock, Heather Woodall, Kath Harrison, Doug Breckon, Chris Beadon.

Second row: Kenneth Fawcett, Brian Burton, Ray Harrison, Tony Walker, Ken Craggs, Ron Allison, Peter Kitchener, Brian Winspear, Michael Matson, Wilf Hodge, Mike Hodgson, David Smith, Tony Hardy.

First row: ??, Hazel Laverick, Jackie Duncan, Doreen McEwan, ??, ??, ??, Mary Dale, Norma Liddell.

Front row (seated on floor): Derek Rowe, Christopher Williams, Colin Swalwell.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson, grateful thanks to Eric Johnson and Ken Fawcett for the updated names.

Loftus Zetland Junior Summer 1937

Loftus Junior (Zetland) School pupils pictured in the summer of 1937 in their last Junior School photograph before moving ‘up’ to the big school in the September. In June 1937 all the pupils from Liverton Mines had to move owing to the subsidence which affected both the school and houses; their are other posts on the Archive about this problem. Note the next group of pupils awaiting their turn to have their photographs taken on the extreme right of the image.

This group (possibly the entire year) includes Mervyn; it is believed that the certificates may relate to the Eskdale Tournament, but the Archive would welcome assistance and additional names.

Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Second row: ??, ??, Edith Morley, Isabel Codling, ??, ??.

Front row (kneeling): Mervyn Sherwood Brown, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Image and information courtesy of Mervyn Sherwood Brown (via Dean Gibson), thanks to Janet Wilson for the update.

A Window Display

A display advertising Skipper – tinned fish products – a part of one of Race’s regular changing window displays. William Race’s shop was listed in Kelly’s Directory in 1913 as ‘Confectioners and Pastry Cooks’; William gave his trade as Grocer and Baker in the Census of 1891. Can you remember Skippers Sardines?

Image courtesy of Mervyn Sherwood Brown (via Dean Gibson).

Race’s Shop Loftus

William Maxwell Race, in the doorway of his shop in the Market Place; the original ‘Race’ between the Camel (in reality Cammell – the name of the next shop in the Market Place) and the Lion. The lion being the Golden Lion which is to the right in this image. Dating the image places it well before 1923 (William’s death) and is probably about 1900. William Maxwell Race was the uncle of Mervyn Sherwood Brown who sent the Archive this series of images.

Image courtesy of Mervyn Sherwood Brown (via Dean Gibson).

Liverton Mines Miners 1921

This cutting part of Mervyn’s collection of images shows a selection of surface workers for Liverton Mine. The Archive would welcome any information about the cutting and possible additional information about those featured (the Archive can already trace several through the 1911 Census).

Image (a cutting from ‘The Cleveland Standard’ dated 24th January 1951) courtesy of Mervyn Brown, thanks to John Knaggs for the dating information.

Liverton Mines 1930

Cliffe Terrace, Liverton Mines in 1930; Mervyn Brown (who kindly sent the following images) lived at 3 Cliffe Terrace overlooking these fields and can remember the donkey! Mervyn moved away in 1942 when his father (who was a foreman electrician in the steel works) sought new employment in County Durham.

Image and information courtesy of Mervyn Brown (via Dean Gibson).

Excellent Attendance in 1904

Excellent attendance at school, especially for a 4 year old! Vida was born in Brotton in 1900, marrying Edwin Hindmarch in 1921; they moved to live at 11 The Avenue, Brotton in 1944 till her death in 1970. Interestingly the Elizabeth Mary Day who was listed as Head Teacher on this certificate was also Brotton born and bred. In 1891, at the age of twenty two Miss Day was head of the Elementary School (on Saltburn Road, Brotton).

Image courtesy of Abi Hindmarch.

Haugh Bridge towards South Loftus

This postcard view of South Loftus from Dam end with the old railway bridge and land free of trees, includes Haugh Bridge, complete with three who children managed to get into the frame! It was produced by J. E. Harrison of High Street Loftus, posted in the 1930s from Loftus to Lealholm.

Image courtesy of Pat Brown.