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Thomas Fishburn Robinson

This studio image is of Thomas Fishburn Robinson, born in Alston in Cumbria in 1849 and a long time resident of Liverton Mines. He and his wife Hannah Mary (nee Bowers) were the grandparents of Graham Suggett. Thomas was a deputy at Liverton Mines ironstone mine, being there from 1901 till after 1911, he died in 1924. He was the father of Florence Brown and great grandfather of Graham Suggett.

Image and information courtesy of Graham Suggett, additional information courtesy of Ancestry.

Granny Robinson

Pictured in the front garden of their bungalow at 1 Lower Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines, is Hannah Mary Robinson (nee Bowers). She and her husband lived in the village for many years, Hannah died in 1936.

Image and information courtesy of Graham Suggett their great grandson; additional information courtesy of Ancestry.

Westray Street – VE Day 1945

Westray Street, Carlin How; celebrating VE Day 1945; the Archive knows that Edna Hicks and her brother Ray Hicks were part of these celebrations. But the Archive welcomes any assistance in identifying any participants in this celebration.

Image and information to date courtesy of Eileen Patton (nee Hicks) – via Jennifer Housam.

Fred Gallilee – 102 – And Still Active!

A cutting from the Whitby Gazette from 1988 regarding Fred Gallilee (the name will be familiar to many in Loftus). Fred was always active, particularly with his painting and decorating activities. His step-grandson John Preston tells the Archive: “He was an absolute master when it came to painting and hanging huge lengths of wall paper on walls and ceilings. As a youngster during holidays I would love to help him strip wall paper or be his ‘safety man’ footing the ladder. He had no qualms about painting third floor windows from ladders just lashed together with bits of rope. He was in the habit of signing and dating a wall before hanging paper and his autograph will be all around Loftus.” Do you have memories of finding such, when re-decorating your house in Loftus?

Image (from the Whitby Gazette) and memories courtesy of John Preston.

Baxter Sisters 1908

Pictured are the Baxter girls, in Carlin How and the picture is believed to date from about 1908. The Archive is reliably informed that their names are (standing): Mabel, May, Emmy. Seated Gertrude (Dot), Evelyn (Eva). Any further assistance in identifying the family would be welcomed.

Image and details courtesy of Dr Sandra Sellick, Canada.

Herbert Hassack and Ruby Penrose?

The Archive would welcome assistance in identifying the gentleman in this image. Christina Hobson has told the Archive: “I have this old family photograph, but I am not sure who these people are. My guess is that the man is my great uncle Herbert Hassack, born in Marske in 1888. And possibly the woman is his fiancée Ruby (Robina) Penrose, born in Brotton about 1886. Herbert was killed in World War I so they never married. Perhaps someone in Ruby’s family might recognise her in this photograph? I would be grateful for any help with this”. The Archive can trace Herbert Hassack, whose parents George and Harriet were living in Dale Street, New Marske in 1911; Herbert was a Driver with 76th Battery, 10th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery and died 11th June 1915 in fighting on River Karun, Persia (modern day Iran).

Can anybody assist in this identification?

Image and information courtesy of Christina Hobson; additional information via Ancestry and Find My Past. 

Fancy Dress at Carlin How Club Hall 1950?

This is believed to be a Fancy Dress party being held in Carlin How Club Hall in possibly 1950, although further details and possible date would be welcomed. Ann Robinson tells us: ” The only names I can place are: top row – 5th from left June Rowe, next to her Ann Seymour, then Isla Robinson. I’d love to see if anyone else can recognise anyone”. Can anybody assist? Rita Beckham advises: “Two  girls in front row; girl in black looking to her right, is my sister Joyce Welford. Next to her on her left is Marion Welford her younger sister. Top row third left (in white) is Audrey Cornforth.”

Image and details to date courtesy of Ann Robinson, thanks to Rita Beckham for the update.

Carlin How Carnival Pram 1953

A further picture from the 1953 Coronation Carnival celebrations; Moira Smith and Coronation Queen Ann Robinson are shown with the winning ‘Best Dressed Pram’, again on the football field beyond The Bullet on Kilton Lane. Ann and the Archive would welcome any memories of this event and possibly add more details of attendance.

Image and details courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Carlin How Carnival Queen 1953

In 1953, Carlin How held a Carnival  to celebrate following the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; pictured we have Coronation Queen Ann Seymour (on the right with the sash) and her attendant and friend Moira Smith . The event was held on the football field near The Bullet on Kilton Lane. Ann tells the Archive: “I went to school with Moira’s brother, Derek Smith.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Moira and Derek, or if anyone remembers this carnival”.

Image and details courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Top Factory Girls 1953

Enjoying the sunshine are, as Ann Robinson tells us: “some of the girls who worked at the ‘Top Factory’!” Ann can identify some:

Back row (left to right): Ann Seymour, Shirley Rowe, ??, ??, Anita Williamson.

Front row: ??, Joan Kidd, ??, Ivy Sayers (later Thompson), Joan Pearson.

Thomas Sayers tells the Archive: “The fourth girl on the front row appears to be my sister, Ivy Sayers later Thompson”. Whilst Rita Beckham advises: “Second girl, almost hidden on left is Joan Kidd.”

If anyone can assist with additional names both the Archive and Ann would welcome any updates.

Image and names to date courtesy of Ann Robinson, also thanks to Thomas Sayers and Rita Beckham for the updates.