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An Edward Fletcher Engine – 1884

This 2-4-0 locomotive, number 40 of the “40” class, designed by Edward Fletcher was built at the Darlington Works in 1882; and was the last of four engines built for the Stockton and Darlington. Fletcher was a Northumbrian born and bred, and had assisted in the construction of the Rocket and had been the Locomotive Superintendent for the NER for almost 30 years from 1854 when the NER was formed until he retired 1883. After he retired the North Eastern Railway ended the individuality of the Stockton and Darlington. The engines had 6′ 6″ driving wheels and 17″ x 24″ cylinders. No. 40 was withdrawn and cut up in 1909.

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah, information by Eric Johnson courtesy of “O. S. Nock British Locomotives Calalogue Vol. 5A.

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