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Excellent Attendance in 1904

Excellent attendance at school, especially for a 4 year old! Vida was born in Brotton in 1900, marrying Edwin Hindmarch in 1921; they moved to live at 11 The Avenue, Brotton in 1944 till her death in 1970. Interestingly the Elizabeth Mary Day who was listed as Head Teacher on this certificate was also Brotton born and bred. In 1891, at the age of twenty two Miss Day was head of the Elementary School (on Saltburn Road, Brotton).

Image courtesy of Abi Hindmarch.

Brotton County Modern School 1963

Mr William Bowman (Headmaster), with the Head Boy (Tony Temple), Head Girl (June Lightburn) and the Prefects in 1963.
Back row: Felicity Staward, Kathleen Dowson, Maureen Furnace, Tony Eaton, Doreen Peel, Graham ’jock’ Kirkham, Joyce Todd, Barbara Green, Mary Moore.
Seated: Pauline Thirling, John Hannah, Edith Johnson, Tony Temple (Head Boy), Mr William Bowman (Headmaster), June Lightburn? (Head Girl), Tony Pearson, Sheila Riddiough, Brian Dale.
Image courtesy of John G. Hannah and thanks to Mike Hudson, William Mosley and Brian Hamilton-Dale for the updates.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 8C

Warsett School 1996 - Form 8C

Back row: Carl Fletcher, Melissa Holmes, Hannah Temple, Samantha Metcalfe, Greg Winspear.
Middle row: Laura Hemmings, Carl Dugan, Craig Booker, Shaun Sawdon, Lee Cuthbert, Caroline Richardson.
Front row: Dean Bridger, Lee McLaren, Rachel Blades, Mrs L. Cross (Form Tutor), Michelle Holmes, Gary Welsh, Graham Smith.
Sitting: Kerry Fuller.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 7P

Warsett School 1996 - Form 7P

Back row: Victoria Bell, Sarah Bullock, Stephen McIntosh, Gareth Calvert, Emma Day, Daniel Johns, Craig Jones, Laura Christian, Emma Hallams.
Middle row: Samantha Ashurst, Peter Atkinson, Donna Colman, Sally Haylett, Yvonne Maude, Laura Benson, Rebecca Mitchell, Louise Ayton, Antony Webb, Joanne Hambley.
Front row: James Rhind, Kenneth Cummings, Grant Bentley, Robert Hood, Miss L. Jessop (Form Tutor), Eric Tierney, Michael Harrison, Andrew Walker, Craig Wilson.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 7T

Warsett School 1996 - Form 7T

Back row: Rebecca Brown, Michael Agar, Andrew Glover, Patrick Dowey,Daniel Wood, Alexander Welford, Michael McPike, Danny Cockburn, Leanne Kelsey.
Second row: Amy Brown, Hannah Needs, Shelley Chamberlain, Kerry Brown, Stacey Collings, Holly Wrigley, Elizabeth Overfield, Victoria Jeffels, Claire Davison, Michael Rogers.
Front row: Matthew Griffin, Danile Starsmore, John Stevenson, Robert Brooke, Mr C. Thompson (Form Tutor), Daniel Bird, Terry Agar, Darren Brown, James Cowell.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 Form 8R

Warsett School 1996 Form 8R

Back row: Katie Stevenson, James Smuk, Gemma Skidmore.
Middle row: Paul Leonard, Camille Thomas, Joanne Turner, Louise Swales, Clare Castle, Kirk Nodding.
Front row: Michael Postgate, James Knight, Marie Foster, Mr P. Riley (Form Tutor), Leanne Rix, Christopher Davis, Christopher Lamb.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 9G

Warsett School 1996 - Form 9G

Back row: David Mowbray, Rachel Smith, Craig Bushby, Lisa Smith, Stewart Thompson.
Middle row: Gavin James, Laura Pearson, Kirsty Hugill, Joanne Woodall, Donna Martin, Christopher Bradley.
Front row: Adrian Skeen, Sarah Gill, Suzanne Riddiough, Mr M. Grout (Form Tutor), Claire Harker, Elizabeth Maxwell, Lee Groves.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 9A

Warsett School 1996 - Form 9A

Back row: Adam Cowan, Amy Smith, Kelly McIntosh, Rachel Ward, Darren Compton.
Middle row: Andrew Walker, Rachel Hoggart, Cathy Marley, Lucy Shepherd, Tracy Bonnard, Alistair Wilson.
Front row: Robert Henderson, Stewart Rowse, Claire McPike, Mr A. Bulman (form Tutor), Samantha Garrett, James Prouse, Simon Gaunt.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 9B

Warsett School 1996 - Form 9B

Back row: Alan Hill Christopher Curnow, Judith Hodgson, Paul Jeffels, Dean Winter.
Middle row: John Grayson, Lyndsey Cryer, Stephanie Logan, Lisa Bird, Katie Barker, Elliott Hood.
Front row: Daniel Sleeman, Marcus Shevels, Amy Casson, Miss A. Beal (Form Tutor), Trisdaine Middleton, Jonathan Hall, Scott Walton.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 9D

Warsett School 1996 - Form 9D

Back row: Aimee Watson, Zara Nodding, Danielle Stoker, Jemma Cowell, Emma Bird.
Middle row: James Ovington, Paul Tomlinson, Stacey Coote, Faye Scollett, Lucy Overy, Sarah Mains, Christopher Thompson, David Gaulter.
Front row: Richard Oxbrough, Stephen Maude, Mathew Woodroofe, Lisa Phillips, Mrs S. Bridle (Form Tutor), Lindsay Power, Mark Robinson, Christopher Champion, Derek McGurl.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.