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Loftus County Modern School 1951

The second of two photographs sent to us by Sue Wesley-Emmerson of Form 2 1952 of Loftus County Modern pictured with their form teacher Mr Zac Stephenson; can anyone assist with names?

Back row: Harry Wildmore, Eric Tyreman, ??, Ian Davidson, John Hill, Alan Hoggarth, Colin Ward, ??, ??, Terry (Skip) Boyes, Mike Ward, Terence (Tex) Cowan.

Second row: Ena Peart, Noreen Hyde, Mavis Parkin, Robina (Bunty) Edwards, Maureen Pressick, Iris George, Margaret Pennock, Pat Hall, Maureen Walker.

Front row: ??, Jean Peart, Penny Tyreman, Mavis Hewison, Betty Yeoman, Mr Zac Stephenson (Teacher), ??, Ena Peart, Margaret Ditchburn, Julie Brough, Freda Fishlock.

Image courtesy of Sue Wesley- Emmerson, thanks to Betty Want (nee Yeoman), Joan Jemson, Eric Johnson and Eileen Found for name to date.

Loftus County Modern Football Team 1955 – 56

Loftus County Modern Football team 1955 – 56, were obviously winners; but we needed help! Easily identifiable was Mr Stephenson, although there were some names; thanks for the assstance with the rest! But what was the trophy in the background?

Back row: Herbie Holliday Jackson, Terry Kentfield, Alan Jackson, Eric Lancaster (goalkeeper), John Mead, William Morrish, Robert Jackson, Mr Maurice (Zac) Stephenson.

Front row: Frank Chapman, Neil Dale, Tony Walker, Fred Cuthbert, Colin Fenby.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks for assistance with names to date to Margaret and Bill Shaw, Marjorie Magor, Sylvia Auckland, Eric Johnson and Ken Fawcett.

Loftus County Modern School – Mrs Norminton’s class – 1951

Loftus Senior School - Mrs Normington's class - 1951

Back row: Fred Ward, Brian Shaw, William Sunley, Ralph Breckon, Colin Riley, Michael Laverick, Tom Fletcher, Billy Day, Colin Wilson, Brian Hodgson, Keith Smith.
Middle row: June Cuthbert, Judy Dobson, Anne Verrill, Alice Partlett, Olwyn Bard, Norma Cockerill, Jean Pearson, Margaret Johnson, Jube Watson, Keith Whitlock.
Front row: Elizabeth Spearpoint, Cybil Temple, Kay Libby, Hilary Robinson, Mrs Norminton, Hazell Boddy, Ann Sawnby, Ann Robinson, Veronica Harrison.
Front (seated): Barry Breckon and Raymond Powell.
Image courtesy of Hazel Collinson and Iris Place.

Loftus Senior School Play 1939

Kindly supplied by Helen Fowle (later Cook) this is one of a series of im ages of activities both in and out of school in Loftus. Do you remember taking part in this school play from 1939 and perhaps can assist with the missing names or the title of the play?
Standing (left to right): Raymond Lindsay, ? Thompson, Joyce Barrett, Arnold Robinson, ??, Dennis Scott, Maggie Holliday, Joyce Linton, Alan Hopper, Dennis Cuthbert, Joyce Wrightson, Audrey Hauxwell. Seated: Irene Wood.

Susan Brown (nee Atkinson) tells us: “Great photograph! I recognise my mum a very young Maggie Holliday. Lovely to see.”
Image courtesy of Helen Cooke (nee Fowle) and thanks to Susan for that update.

Loftus County Modern School – 1956 – Form 4A

The board told the year and the class, but please can we have help with names; can anybody assist?
Back row: John Ditchburn, Kenneth Greening, Bob Goldby.
Middle row: Michael Pearson (Staithes), Fred Baldwin, Michael Batchelor, Jean Shaw, Joyce Green, Michael Pearson (Loftus), Fred Baldwin, Willie Summerson, Mr Malcolm Gratton.
Front row: ??, Sheila Thomas, ??, Audrey Magor, Jean Nelson, ??, ??, Wendy Green.
Image and some names courtesy of Joan Jemson;  thanks to Richard Jackson, Christine Baldwin, Paul Ditchburn and Tony for the updates on names.

Loftus School’s Prize Pupils 1965

Loftus County Modern School Speech Day presentations by Alderman J. T. Fletcher; chairman of North Riding Education Committee. Mr Norminton commented that: ”as it was easier for children to find jobs, parents were willing to leave them at school for an extra year.” This in a period when jobs outnumbered school leavers. How times have changed!
Back row: Hazel Johnson, Mary Hall, David Hampton, Steven Partlett.
Front: Mr Harold Norminton (Headmaster), Annette Steyert, Alderman Fletcher, Colin Grout, Keith Fowle, Talbert Jackson.

Chris Colbeck commented: “Regarding the comment of the Headmaster. 1964 to 1965 was the first year when pupils could remain at school a further year and had an opportunity to sit exams for the Certificate of Secondary Education [CSE] which was a set little below the academic level of the GCE. Steve Partlett added: “Despite being in the photograph, I cannot remember why we were chosen ! However, I suspect that the photograph was taken in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs to the 1st and 2nd floors. Almost opposite were some stairs to the basement; in the basement was the Prefect’s room, I suspect that this was emptied for the photograph! All those in the photograph were Prefects, with the exception of Hazel, who was Head Girl. At a guess the date is after Summer 1964 because in Summer 1965 some of those in the photograph left to attend Redcar Technical College for their fifth year.”

Image courtesy of Jean Carass; also many thanks to Chris Colbeck, Steven Partlett, Eileen Found and Ann Jackson for the updates.

1965 Loftus School

A copy of a newspaper cutting reporting on the retirement of Mr and Mrs Gornall from Loftus County Modern in 1965. Ann Jackson remembers: I remember this saying goodbye to Mr and Mrs Gornall. I recognise Christopher stood near Mr Normington, Mrs Best is there too. I am in the right hand side at the top of the picture. Steve Partlett commented: “The girl in front Ann Jackson is Alison Harker. Over on the other side, behind Mrs Best is Margaret Ford.” Ann Jackson confirmed with: “Margaret Ford (now Russell) now lives down south.”
Image courtesy of Christopher Colbeck, thanks to Ann Jackson and Steve Partlett for the updates.

Loftus County Modern School Band 1964

Christopher Colbeck kindly sent us this image relating to Loftus County Modern School, of the band in 1964. Chris has named most of the members, perhaps you can supply the rest?

Back row: Leslie Jackson (Bass),Michael Preston (Flugel horn), Howard Jackson (Cornet), Keith Morrison (Cornet), Geoff Todd (Cornet), Richard Shippey (Cornet), David Dixon (Cornet), Michael McMaster (Cornet), Gibson Brignall (Tenor Horn).

Front Row: John Hicks (Horn), David Smithies (Cornet), Jimmy? Smithies (Cornet), David Partlett (Cornet), Christopher Colbeck (Baritone), Mr Varney (Music Teacher), Alan Barker (Trombone), Mick Morrison (Trombone), George Smith (Trombone), Neville Rogerson (Bass), standing Trevor Mead (Bass), Peter Collinson (Euphonium). Chris says David and Jimmy Smithies were twins and hence the question marks!

Chris also tells us regarding Geoff Collinson: ”His Dad was the school care-taker and the family lived in the bungalow in the grounds of the school.” Ray Brown tells us: ”I didn’t know this picture existed as I had left school and the Band at this time, of course most of the lads are part of the Old School Band, so I recognise some of them.  I also believe the nickname for Mr. Varney was “Mantovani” – nowt so queer as kids!! – this picture pre dates the formation of  the Loftus Town Band that most of these scoundrels joined.” Barbara McBurney confirms Chris’s thoughts regarding Peter Collinson with: ” Peter is Geoff’s younger brother, their father Harry was indeed caretaker of Rosecroft School, living in the bungalow on the Rosecroft site.  Prior to this they lived on Rosedale Crescent close to where I lived on Queens Road.”

Image courtesy of Christopher Colbeck and many thanks for information, also Ray Brown and Barbara McBurney for additional names and comments.

Jolly Hockey Sticks

Loftus County Modern Hockey team, 1961 is the date and I can see Alison Belnkinsop, next to Vera Shaw on the front row. Now ladies name yourselves please!

Back row: Dorothy Collins, ??, Josephine Golding, Christine Ebbs, Mrs Elsie Clark (Teacher).

Front row: ??, ??, Hillary Templeman, Vera Shaw, Allison Blenkinsop, Eileen Chadwick, Jeannette McMaster, ??.

Chris Shaw confirmed with: “I can confirm that second from right on the front row is indeed Jeanette McMaster, who became Jeanette Shaw. I know because she was my Mum and sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2001, aged 55.”

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison; also thanks to Eileen Bateman (nee Chadwick), Norman Patton, Helen Cook (nee Fowle) and Chris Shaw for the the updates.

Young Farmers 1956

I know some of the pupils here and I’m hoping you will fill in the missing names, please.
Back row: ??, Michael Hodgeson, John Bennett, Michael Pearson, John Jefferson, Doug Breckon, Neil Dale, Mr Ward.
Front row: Barry Foster, Jean Nelson, Joyce Green, William Tindall, Sheila Emmerson, Christine Norminton, ??.

Image and names courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Maurice Dower for the update.