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Wood Family

Early 1940’s and the family are outside their house in Cockburn Street Lingdale.

Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson.

The Oldest football Team.

Yes the Lingdale lads again taken on the 2nd December 1936.  The Archive asked: ”Can you name some of them please?” Dorothy Simms tells us: ”I have actually got the paper; Weekly Illustrated 12 December 1936. Lingdale played Canning Town, East End, London. The team combined ages were 1,000 years including 3 reserves: Skipper Harry Eaton aged 88, his wife Elizabeth Ellen 64, Foxy George 66 [the handsome one], Old Liz Saunders goalkeeper 84. That’s all I have but there are several photographs. Rules: no running, no charging. A quick walk and neat side step are what is needed. First ever match was on Jubilee Day. I hope you find this interesting. I have been in touch with someone about this match but never had a reply. They played 55 minutes; two halves of 20 minutes with 1/4 hour interval for a pint and pipe!”

Michael Grange advises: ”My great grandfather was in this team (George ‘Foxy’ Grange), after the game each player was given a clay pipe in the shape of a football boot.”
Photograph courtesy of Derick Pearson and many thanks to Dorothy Simms and Michael Grange for the updates.

Not The World Cup; But!

Taken from an article in the Illustrated weekly dated 12th December 1936; headlined: “Who’ll Play The Old Boys?”, describing one of the oldest football teams in England or possibly the world. “Lingdale Grandfathers” had a combined age of over 1000 years (including the three reserves!); having issued a challenge with Canning Town responding. I wonder if they played Canning Town and who won;  does anyone out there know?
Image from a cutting courtesy of Ruth White.

Just A Youngster

The cutting included this image; with a notation: “Foxy Grange, the other full-back is a lad of 66, known as the handsomest man in the village. Uses his head to good effect.” We hope it wasn’t a wet day those case footballs were very heavy when wet. Michael Grange informed the Archive: “My great grandfather!”
Image courtesy of Ruth White and thanks to Michael Grange for the comment.

1937 Lingdale

Liz Saunders (and goal keeper for the Lingdale Grandfathers) is only 84 years old but still playing football.
Image (from Weekly Illustrated 12th December 1936) courtesy of Ruth White.

Toasting the Skipper

Harry Eaton was the skipper a mere 89 years old. I wonder if any of the world cup players of today will still be playing at 89?  I don’t think smoking and drinking would be allowed today.

Image courtesy of Ruth White.