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Cubs and Scouts of Sandsend – 1929

Pictured at Sandsend with the railway viaduct in the background; the Cubs and Scouts of Sandsend had assembled.
Back row (left to right): D. MacLean, R. Sleightholme, John Young, G. Crosby, H. Crosby, H. Foster, W. Mead, T. Waller, W. Stamp, C. Thomas.
Middle row: J. Robson (Cub Master), Dr. Tinley (District Commissioner), T. Walker (Scout Master), W. Braithwaite (Assistant Scout Master).
Front row: F. Stonehouse, S. Sparks, B. Waller, T. Pybus, Reg. Carass .
Image courtesy of John G Hannah (originally from Whitby Gazette “Down Memory Lane” 1980).

A 1910 Liverton Mines Scout

Edward Frederick Dohring pictured in 1910; a proud member of Liverton Mines Boy Scout Troop, he is in full Scout uniform for this early period of Scouting. Baden Powell (a copy of whose signatory hat Edward is carrying) held the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island in 1907. This image taken in a studio gives an idea of how rapidly this active boys organisation had spread. In the 1911 census his family was listed as being resident at 8 Graham Street, Liverton Mines, Edward was then a Grocer’s apprentice; aged 14 years.

Image courtesy of Colin Dohring (Edward’s son).

Scouts in Switzerland

A group photograph of 1st Loftus Scouts; taken in Switzerland 2010.

The names we have are: Jack Miller, Michael Lees, Kate Morrison, Ray Silver, Tom Rix, Jono Urban, Helen Lees, Tom Limon, Chris Lindsey, Ryan Mckinnon, George Jackson, Emma Silver, Pam Lees, Billy Hume, Alex Williams, Isobel Silver, Sean Ramsay, John Dickinson, Alec Silver, Jordan Vasey, Joseph Thompson, Linda Arkless, Ben Roberts, Keith Arkless, Cal Halton, Dave Lees, Helen Tyreman.

Image courtesy of Dave Lees.

Scout Hut Fire

Scout Hut Fire

Loftus Scouts Hut destroyed by fire, we wondered “When did this disaster occur, can someone tell us?” Dean Gibson has come to the rescue: “If my memory serves me correctly, the fire took place in second half of 1982, not long after the Troop’s exhibition to mark the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Scout movement. Several Scouts ran the exhibition, having spent quite a while beforehand tidying the hut up for the event. The hut originally housed workmen building the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Site at RAF Fylingdales and I believe was secured for the Troop by Mr Norman Pass.” Norman Pass was the Scout Leader at Loftus for many years

Image courtesy of Dave Lees; thanks also to Dean for the update and additional information.

Well Done the Scouts

From ”Remember When” in the Evening Gazette, the caption tells us all, were you one of those Scouts? The original newspaper article dates from March 1960. Barbara McBurney has identified : “The three Cub Scouts in the back row are Robin Middleton, Michael Lindsey and Peter Collinson”. 
Image courtesy of Lilian Waton and thanks to Barbara McBurney for the update.

At ‘Greena’ Beck

Terry Carter, Philip Mortimer, Eric Parker (Assistant Scout Leader), Ted Ward, Joe Ward (in the checked shirt) and Ray Pass pictured by Greenhowe ‘Greena’ Beck, near Scaling Mill.

Image and information courtesy of Joe Ward.

Scouts at Egton Camp

John Nellist, ??, ??, ??, Peter King and David Hebron pictured at the Egton camp site.  Can anybody assist with who are the other three Scouts in the middle of the picture and what are they doing, are they peeling spuds?

Image and names courtesy of Joe Ward.

Scouts’ Day Out

This image of Loftus Scouts features: Michael Swales, John Nellist, Ray Pass, Michael Hore, Ted Ward and Philip Mortimer walking near Whitby on a day out.

Image and information courtesy of Joe Ward.

Scouts’ Party

This photograph of the Liverton Mines and Loftus Scout Troops was taken at the same party as the other three photographs that are already on site.  Bob Goldby the Assistant Scout Master, is sitting with the boys, but we haven’t any of the boys’ names.  Sixth from left on back row has been identified as Barry Emerson. Alan Walker advises: ”Possible names: Second from left Graham Nellist, fourth from left David Bateman, seventh from left Michael Bateman.”

Can anybody assist with other names?

Image courtesy of Joe Ward, thanks to Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) and Alan Walker for the updates.

Loftus Cub Scouts c. 1975

Loftus Cub Scouts pictured in the old scout hut. Dean Gibson tells us: ”The old Scout hut contained so many happy memories with a great history. If my memory serves me correctly, it was brought from RAF Fylingdales once the building of the BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station) was completed.” John Preston advises: “Tony and Elsie Biddlestone and their children Andrew, Jane and Ann emigrated to South Africa around 1977.”

Standing: Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwaite, Ray Silver.

Back row: John Templeman, Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot, Dave Toulson, ??, ?? , Graham Morrison, ?? , Geoffrey Grayson, Mark Unthank, Michael Tyreman, Stephen Whitlock, Andrew Conn.

Front row: Simon Wedgewood, ?? , Andrew Biddlestone, ?? , ?? , Christopher Smith, Trevor Himsworth, Sean Gray, Adrian Hardy, Andrew Tabner, ?? , ?? .

Image courtesy of Pam Morrison and names, also thanks to John Preston, Dean Gibson and Steve Jackson for updates.