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Britannia Terrace, Brotton Again!

A photograph taken from outside of The White House, looking towards The Green Tree again – slightly earlier time frame this time, the road is white-lined and still the old cast iron road signs. It looks as though the old traffic precedence at Chemist’s Corner was equal from Saltburn or Brotton itself; an interesting state of affairs!  The little wooden hut on the corner next to the War Memorial was a ”Kingdom Hall” and was apparently the meeting place for the local Jewish population (so Julie Riddiough’s grandfather advises), but to my understanding the term Kingdom Hall is used for meeting places for Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The same question as before, when was the picture taken?  Norman suggests post 1935, I can’t disagree with that, tarmac and road lining were in place by then and the old British Standard for road signs had been instituted. Jennifer Harrison advises: “The row of houses on the right is Britannia Terrace, as stated previously. The Avenue was further up the hill on the same side and was a through road leading to the playing fields at the back of the houses. There were several bungalows along The Avenue. The playing fields, which had swings, a see-saw and a sandpit, were just below the old cemetery, where the old church used to be. The old cemetery was also accessed from Kilton Lane. I was born and used to live at The Cottage, High Street, next to St. Margaret’s Church and directly opposite Britannia Terrace. My grandparents, who owned the house, were Harold and Alvinia Patton. The house was next owned by the Cush family”. Whilst Rosie Jones (nee Cush) adds: “Having also been born in The Cottage, this was a familiar view. Interesting to see the shop on Chemists Corner was Baines even then, as it was in my childhood”.

Image courtesy of Raymond Brown and thanks to Jennifer Harrison and Rosie Jones for the updates.

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