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Music Hall Act Or What?

The Archive has been requested to undertake some research of an images for the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum; it is displayed above! The image is part of the extensive collection of photographs which the Mining Museum holds, but the Museum is unsure of the relevance or reason for inclusion in their collection. It is believed to be two brothers who were part of a music hall act popular on Northern music hall stages; but the Archive would welcome any information to support or disprove this theory. Please help us!!!

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

Formal Photograph

We have no information on these gentlemen with their well starched collars. Can anyone help?

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison.

Cardboard Lady

A strange photograph, the lady among the gentlemen appears to be a cardboard cutout! Advertising Mackintosh’s Toffee De Luxe. Julie Riddiough comments: “I have a picture off the RAOB (“Buffs”) taken in what looks like the same place, I still haven’t worked out where it is though!” The location and reason for the deception is one for Sherlock Holmes?

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison, thanks to Jullie Riddiough for the update.

Well Dressed

We have no information on these well dressed gentlemen or the location and occasion. And so we ask for help with identification. Photograph taken possibly 1920s.

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison.

He Doesn’t Like His New Trousers

This is a very old photograph and where it came from I do not know, this was one way of wearing out the new trousers he didn’t like.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Jack Hatfield?

We were kindly donated this image, with the title of ”Jack Hatfield”. We think this is incorrect, can anybody advise as to whom it might be?

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakaropoulus.

Who is This?

Lots of discussion about this photograph, not only do we not know who it is but what is the regalia he is wearing? Put us out of our misery and please tell.

Julie Riddiough tells us: ”Could be the ”Buffs” my great great grandad and his sons were founding members of the Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Provincial Grand Lodge, the Skelton Lodge were called ”Old Royal George” we have one of his medals/badges”.

Image supplied by Reg Wilson and many thanks to Julie Riddiough for that update.

Collars Starched Boots Polished

But what school was it?  We think it may have been Carlin How, but you know how wrong I can be! Can you help.
Image courtesy of George Tremain.


Neil Suckling loaned us this photograph to ask if anyone out there knows the names of the couple, he thinks they may be Verrill’s from Staithes. Can you help?

Image courtesy of Neil Suckling.

Who Is She?

Another of Neil Suckling un-named photograph’s, have you a photograph of the same lady with a name on? If so please tell us who this pretty lady is.

Image courtesy of Neil Suckling.