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Can You Help to name the Young Ladies

Cousins in England-1

We have had a request for assistance in naming people in the image, Can anybody assist?

Elaine Meadows (nee Tyerman) tells us: “As you look at the picture taken at Runswick Bay in the 1950’s the first 2 children from the left hand side are unknown, (possible from Hinderwell or Runswick Bay); then my cousins Janet and Christine (Chris) Pearson as they were then aged 5 – 6 years. They lived Browns Terrace at Hinderwell, and Chris still lives at Hinderwell. 2 of 4 children of Cyril and Hilda Pearson (nee Tyerman)….their other two siblings are not on picture. We have asked all the family if they know the other 2 girls….and nobody knows them…they are not family members. The picture was sent from Canada saying on the back your Cousins from Hinderwell… as I said the two on the right are…..the other two are definately not Canadians.”

If you can assist please send via the comments facility and we will pass on to Elaine. Many thanks.


This is one of the quartet of fishing entitled linked postcards; but the only one bearing any identification – Fisher Life Studies. Valentines Series – it is possibly Staithes based; identification is aided by the backgrounds. Again no indication of date.

Image courtesy of Olive Bennett.

Staithes Folk

This reworked mounted image of Staithes folk shows several ladies in their Staithes bonnets, but no idea of date. Perhaps they are recognisable to a viewer of the site?

Image courtesy of Olive Bennett.

I Promise I Won’t Make a Mess!

This image possibly taken at Holme Farm, Hinderwell in 1914/15 features (from left to right): Joseph Henry Tyerman (b.1911), Annie Tyerman(b.1914), Vena Tyerman (b.1908), Elizabeth Mary Tyerman (b.1912). We got the spelling incorrect as has been pointed out by Elaine (Joseph’s daughter). She has also told us that her aunt Annie died in December 2013, aged 99 years, 9 months and 15 days. A good life! Ruth Pattinson (nee Tyerman) advised: “Regarding the lovely picture of Joseph Henry, Annie, Vena and Elizabeth Mary Tyerman; they appear in my family tree. Their great grandfather Joseph Tyreman born 1827 was the brother of my great great grandfather James Tyreman born 1837,the son of Stephen born 1789 in Great Ayton and Eliza nee Taylor born 1801. We have found in the records searched that there are various ways of spellng our surname eg Tyreman / Tyerman / Tireman / Tyers etc in the various records researched. Thank you also to Elaine Meadows for the interesting photographs and information.

Image courtesy of Keith Bowers and thanks to Elaine Meadows and Ruth Pattinson for the updates.

Staithes Women

A very narrow back lane in Staithes. The word George on the door at the left may refer to the Royal George Inn, thus giving an idea of location. Bev Campbell tells us: ”Hi, this is the lane into Royal George yard. The houses on the right are now our cottage; The Cottage, High Street; owned by the Crooks family at the time of the photograph.

Many thanks to Bev Campbell for identifying the location and her update.

Staithes Boys, July 1936

This photograph was taken on the lifeboat slip at Staithes was taken in July 1936.  The boys in the photograph are: Gordon Crooks, James Thompson, Harry Hall, Brownie Theaker, Alf Pearson, Walter Hall, Dennis Theaker, Teddy Theaker, Joe Theaker, Frank Johnson, Frank Theaker, Dennis Parkinson, James Laverick  and Jeff Verrill.

Image and information courtesy of Dorothy Gilbert.

Hinderwell Bazaar

Mrs. M. Conn, Ray’s mother, is in this photograph (Copyright – John Tindale, Whitby); taken at a church bazaar at Hinderwell.  Rev. Perriman, Rev. Ward, Mr. Blaylock, Mr. Codling and Mr. Tom Harland are in the group.  Sheila Roots advises: ”This photograph was taken in the Interegnum and the Rev. Ward came from Scarborough most weekends. The lady in front is Mrs. Perriman – wife of the Rev. Perriman from Whitby (not Berriman) The other gentleman is Thomas Harland and not Thomas Husband. Mr. Blaylock was a Church Warden – the other Churchwarden – William Harrison (my father is missing from the photograph).” Barry Easton confirms with “Mr Codling is my late grandad.”

Image courtesy of Mr.R.Conn and thanks to Sheila Roots and Barry Easton for the updates.

Staithes Concert Party

A Staithes School Infant teacher is on the right at the back of this happy group; which as the photograph announces is the “Cheerohs” a concert party from Staithes.

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.

Staithes Lane Shop

Grace Conn (Raymond Conn’ gradmother) opened her first shop at 39 Staithes Lane. She is pictured standing in the door, the shop appears to also include the Post Office.

Image and information courtesy of Ray Conn.

Shop at Staithes

Grace Conn moved from the small shop in the cottage at one side of Staithes Lane to the larger premises over the road, which later became the Co-op.  She is pictured on the doorstep with her assistant, Muriel Clark. Ann Beckett asks: “Has anyone any information about the owners of the shop – the Shippey family – our cottage in the lower village of Staithes, records members of the Shippey family being resident in the 1911 Census?”

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn; can any one assist Anne Beckett with her searches?