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Special Constables Loftus

Special Constables Loftus

The title is all we have to go with – kindly donated – but we seek guidance. We believe from the background it is close to Skinningrove works, but that makes the puzzle more interesting. Loftus Specials at Carlin How, why?

Can anybody help?

Special Constables – Loftus

Special Constables Loftus

Another little quiz! We have been sent this picture and the title tells all we have been informed. We would be grateful for assistance with where, when and especially who for the entire image. Anybody have any stories?

a Special Gathering

a Special Gathering

A gathering of special policemen who from L to R back row are

G. Blaylock, Loftus, F. Reynolds Sk/grove, J. Hardy Loftus, S Thornton Hinderwell,
Middle row, J. Shaw Brotton, . Welford Hinderwell, G. Lindsley Loftus, L. Sanderson Loftus
Front row, A burnside Loftus, S/Sgt. E Smith Staithes, S/Insp. S. Pennock Loftus, S/Sgt W Blaylock Loftus.
Anyone know what the occassion was?

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello, Hello, Hello!

One of Brotton Lumpsey Mine in 1920s. Police and Mine security out in force. Possibly linked to the General Strike in 1926, except that after World War I, Constables and Sergeants wore helmets. Eric Johnson suggests they could be Special Constables.

We have been advised by Simon Chapman: ”The pumphouse between the shafts was built in 1908, the main heagear was replaced by steel in 1918, so the picture was taken between these two dates. My guess is 1912.”

(photo courtesy of Derick Pearson and thanks to Simon for that update.)

Fancy a Game of Billiards, Inspector?

The games room in Loftus Police Station – this must have been an official function, can anyone identify the group or the event? The gentleman with the beard at the rear of the group looks suspiciously like Neil Empson.

L to R: Bert Davey, PC John Liley, PC Jimmy Agar, PC Bill Hutchinson, PC Peter Coser, Maurice Stephenson, Neil Empson(?), ??, Harold Norminton, PC Alf Souter, PC Bruce Wallace, Inspector Cullingworth.

Linda Anderssen tells us: ”My Dad is in this picture – and I remember a number of the other men – I lived in the Police Houses when I was a child, I also remember the room at the top of the police station where the snooker tables where.  I used to feel on top of the world when I had climbed the beautiful spiral staircase to the top on the rare occasions when I was allowed to visit.”

Sue Mulholland (nee Wallace) tells us: ”My dad, P.C Bruce Wallace (almost hidden from view), is second from the right.”

Thanks Eric Johnson, Ken Gillance, Tina Woodrow (nee Whetton), Linda Anderssen and Sue Mulholland (nee Wallace) for updates.