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Help Needed!

I was very interested to see the recently photograph of officers of the 13th (Loftus) Battalion Home Guard and I seek the help of fellow Clevelanders to solve a family mystery.

Attached is my maternal uncle, Joseph White (born 3rd October 1896) in uniform at the wedding of his brother-in-law Clarence Brown on 25th March 1940 at Liverton Church. He appears to be wearing three medal ribbons. They could not be WWII ribbons as those were not issued until after 1940, but he was old enough to have served in the latter part of the 1914-18 war which would make him eligible for the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Indeed, it is conceivable that he might have been in France between 5th August 1914 and 31st December 1915, at which latter date he would have been 15 but there is always the possibility he lied about his age when volunteering or we have an incorrect birth date for him. If he was in France, then the third ribbon would be the 1914-18 Star. Graham recalls him being in the Home Guard but The Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow could not find any records for him. [Note: The Home Guard Records held by the Ministry of Defence are apparently far from complete].

I recall him being in the Home Guard as I went with my father, when on leave from the RAF, when he joined with Joe on rifle range practice at the foot of the shale heaps at Liverton Mines. The Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow could not find any records for Uncle Joe, however, The Home Guard Records held by the Ministry of Defence are apparently far from complete.

I seek help, asking if anyone has photographs, or lists of names, of the squaddies of the 13th (Loftus) Battalion Home Guard. With best wishes – R H Graham Suggett

Family History

CAN JOHN M HOGARTH PLEASE CONTACT THE ARCHIVE WITH HIS NEW EMAIL, HAVING ADVISED OF HIS INTENDED ‘DOWNTOWN ABBEY’ SCREEN PLAY ABOUT THE HOGARTH FAMILY, PLEASE. FURTHER INFORMATION HAS NOW COME FORWARD. We get lots of enquiries about family history but unfortunately we do not have the time to do the research involved. However If you do have any questions about family history to people who have been identified or posted comments on the site, leave your request in the comments box below this photograph and we can put you in contact with them. Only the people who leave comments below this photograph can be contacted.
We do not pass on emails unless both parties are willing participants. This means WE WILL PASS YOUR EMAIL to these people who are genuinely interested in family history, BUT ONLY AFTER GETTING YOUR PERMISSION! We hold no responsibility for the passing of your email to these people.

The following are some of the requests we have received for Family History:

Tim Kennedy asked: ”My wife’s grandfather was Rowland Thompson Marshall, he was born 29.4.1906 and grew up at Greylands Farm, Hinderwell. His father was Francis T. Marshall. His Mum Annie nee Thompson died in 1907. Francis married again (I don’t have the name) and had two sons and a daughter, Raymond, Clifford and Lois who died young. Rowland farmed near Darlington in the 1930s before signing up with the Royal Corps of Signals in 1939. He was the driver of Colonel Percival the CO of 50th (Northumbrian) Division Signals and was killed in action on 29th June 1942 near El Alamein in the Western Desert. If anyone has any more information about this family, Rowland’s daughter and family would be delighted to hear it.”

The Archive has already received a response from Norman (a regular correspondent) advising of information which has been passed on to Tim and researches will continue.

John Keelty: ”I am trying to get in contact with Lesley Longster, formerly of Loftus c. 1963. l was privileged to meet Lesley Longster between, 1961-64. we shared some time on weekends, as l lived in Middlesbrough, and she lived at 15 Damside Loftus. we then lost contact, due to me and would sincerely like to find out if it is possible for short reunion. she could be married, but she was a part of my younger days, which l enjoyed. My contact details are: mobile phone number – 07707630031; John Keelty, 10 Keller Court, Langley Moor, DURHAM. DH7 8GY”

Christine Kitchener: Can anyone tell me what my brother Fred Baldwin got the Victor Ludorum for in the Senior School, when I went up to Senior School I saw his name on it.

Kimberley Sayer Turner: I am a distant relative from the Thurlow/Codlings Severs Sayer line I live in California, My Great Grandfather Thomas Sayer came to America in the 1800′s and i am very interested in all these family lines. email me if you would like to share information

Dennis Urich: I am researching the Dowey family that lived in the Marske By the Sea area. My second great-grandfather, William Dowey, immigrated to the USA in the late 1800’s. I’m wondering if Tina Dowey is related and interested in genealogy? I will be visiting Marske in late July 2014 and would like to meet with the local Doweys to see if I can get more information about the family. Dennis continues to update us and has now told us that through our telephone contact system –  via the ECIA Home Page – that he is now in contact with a fifth cousin in the UK.

Hayley Cutler has responded with: Dennis – I am the great grand-daughter of Mary Elizabeth Dowey who was born in 1881 and one of 10 children. She was the daughter of James Dowey born in 1857 who in turn was the son of a William Dowey born in 1832. William Dowey was the son of James Dowey born in 1808. He was the son of Patrick Downey (not sure why the name changed) and Hannah Sanderson. My cousin has traced quite a bit of the Dowey family in the Loftus area. Google Quintin Harper genealogy to find the family tree he has traced. I remember Mary Dowey and her sisters Isabella (known as Bella) and Stella. I visited them in Loftus when I was quite young.
Would love to know whether your William is part of our family tree. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Hayley.” With their joint agreement we have now enabled Dennis and Hayley to compare family trees; both will benefit from this linking. More recently we have been enabling Chris Wynn to get in contact with Hayley as he also shares a connection in the Dowey Family History.

We have received the following request: ”My name is Wendy Fox Lichtenwalter. My father and mother visited Irene Street, Skinningrove, Carlin How, to see the Watson Family in 1972. The folks there were named Thomas Watson, Hannah Harrison Watson, Clare Watson Norman, John Norman and Doris Vigors. There were two other sons, Christopher (born 1960) and Peter Arthur Watson (born 1962). I will be visiting Yorkshire from the USA in the fall of 2016 and would love to find if any of these folks are still in the area. Father Adam Gaunt has said that some parishioners at St. Helen still remembered Hannah. I do have some photos of the area that my father took, and the marriage license for his grandparents from 1886. Thank you for any help you can give!”

The Archive received a request from Anna Brown: “I am researching some family history for my 89 year old grandfather Cecil gee who I believe spent his childhood in Brotton. Does anyone remember his family? Sorry not got much to go on.” Peter Appleton advised: “I have a Cecil GEE born 10 August 1924 in Brotton in my family tree. Could this be the same man? If so, his grandmother was one of my great-great-grandmothers.” Anna further added: “Yes, that is the same man. I have the name of one of his grandmothers i think, Frances Mathews. The other grandmother I do not know the name of. Is this the same name or do you have the other grandmother?”

Other requests are listed in the comments below.