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Closed Gas Showroom, Skinningrove

The Gas Showroom with bricked up frontage facing the road and beside the footbridge, awaits the fate of demolition. To the right is the equally ‘un-loved’ Brook House, a reminder of how Skinningrove used to look when it house workers from the mines and the steel works on the hill top.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

2 comments to Closed Gas Showroom, Skinningrove

  • Elaine Brookes

    I remember this well I used to live in Angling Green until 1964

  • Steven Partlett

    I can remember this showroom quite well. A rather odd feature was that in the gable end facing the beck was a single door. What is not obvious from the image is that the building was on piling legs to give a level entry from the pavement. At the other end the gable was about 2.5/3.0 metres above the beck. If anyone had tried to leave via the back door they faced a drop through space, there was no steps !

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