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A Teacher And Her Class

The teacher was Mrs Trixie Addison who was from Greta Road Skelton.

Back row: Mrs Addison, Sharon Rowe, Athena Sakelaropoulos, Jane Louth, Jeanette Stephenson, Nina ?, Helen Beachaump, Tracy Craggs.

Third row: Amanda Jemmerson, Andrew Smith, David Turner, Mark Osbourne, Andrew Champion, Sean Smithies, Ian Tennant, Philip Harris.

Second row: Michael Skidmore, Danny Kemp, Michael Dorgan, Wayne Hunter, Courtney Hood?, David Patton, Andrew Bland, Christopher ”Greenie” Green.

Front row: Deborah Evans, Tracy Joplin, ??, ??, ??, Louise Tilburn.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mr Sayers, Adam Cuthbert, Rachel, Pauline, Helen, Deborah Stone, Tracy Craggs, Michael Dorgan and Wayne Hunter for updated names.

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