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Loftus Child Welfare

The title is taken from the reverse of this image but gives no indication of date, it appears to be the committee or a specific group; possibly connected to Loftus Women’s Institute. Can anybody assist?

Image courtesy of Ann Hamliton and Loftus Women’s Institute.

All Dressed Up

The civic dignitaries are all dressed up for the ball in this photograph from 1951/2.  Chairman and Mrs. Woodrow are second from the left, but who are the other people and when and where was the photograph taken? 

Image courtesy of Carole Kellogg.

Bonny Lasses

Carole Kellog advised the Archive regarding this image: “It was a Daily Mirror contest I entered and got through to the finals.  It was taken in Newcastle, the year I would have to guess around 1961/62.  I think the girl that won was the second from the left in the front row, and I believe she came from Redcar.  I am on the far right of the back row.  I have no idea who the rest of the girls were, but they came from around our area.”Image and information courtesy of Carole Kellog.

Council Chamber

This photograph dates from 1951 when Fred Woodrow was the Chairman of Saltburn & Marske Urban District Council.  Mr. Pickering is on the right and Carole thinks that the lady in the picture was Mrs. Pilkinton. Anthony Laven advises: “Leslie E Horgan – Clerk to the Council on the very left – and Cyril Pickering owner of the buses on the right.

Image and information courtesy of Carole Kellog, thanks to Anthony Laven for the update.

Norman In The Middle

Yes, Norman is in the middle but who is on either side of him?

Back row:  Andrew Walshaw,  ??, Kevin Walker, David Taylor, Colin Tyreman, Karl Jemson,  ??, ??.

Front row: ??, Norman Lantsbery, Brian Rix.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council; our editorial team has confirmed that Karl Jemson is on the picture as listed. Thanks also to Clive Pearson and David Walker for the updates.

Loftus Town Council, 1921

Back row: ??, B. J. Wormleighton (Architect), R. Dyson Nut (Rate Collector, Surveyor & Clerk to Burial Board), Henry Hoggett (Clerk to Council), Mr Thomas Errington (National Provincial Bank Manager), Charles Jardine Dodd,  William Robinson.

Middle row: ??, Dr Donaldson, R. Tyson, R. Stamp, W. T. Park, M. Parkin, C. Hoggett (Solicitor).

Front row: Henry L Munnoch, Zach Stephenson, Father P. Machen, A. Swales (Chairman), Thomas S. Petch, A. MacKenzie. 

Can anybody help with the missing names or even where the photograph was taken?

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council, thanks also to Alison Atkinson (Clerk Loftus Town Council) for supply of the previously missing names.

No. 1 Speeches

The mayoral induction at Eston Town Hall, Ray Tough advised: “Councillor Garth Houchan was talking on the stage in this photograph. The mayor at the time was Terry Collins and you can see the Council leader Arthur Seed sat next to the High Sheriff”.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council, thanks to Ray Tough for the update.

No.2 Donning The Robes

The Archive wondered about the occasion; Ray Tough advised: “Norman Lantsbery was taking over the duties of Mayor of Langbaurgh Borough Council from Terry Collins watched over by Mr Middlam, Chief Executive Officer of Langbaurgh Council”. Laura Hill tells us: “Norman Lantsbery was my great uncle its great to come across old photographs and finding stuff out about family I never met. His sister was my great grandma”.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council, thanks to Ray Tough and Laura Hill for the updates.

No.3 Handing Over The Chain

Norman receives the chain of office, are you in the photograph with him? Ray Tough assists with: ”The chains of office of Mayor for Langbaurgh Borough Council being put on the new mayor Norman Lantsbery by the old mayor, Terry Collins. Just behind Terry Collins was the mayoral attendant and chauffeur”.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council and thanks to Ray Tough for the update.

No.4 Leaving The Town Hall

As the mayoral parade moves from the Town Hall, shown are some of the party on their way to the Arlington Street Chapel, do you know any of them? Ray Tough advises: ”I think that Austin Sanderson is fourth from the from the half hidden gentleman at right;  the Lord Lieutenant of Cleveland (Richard Chaloner, 3rd Baron Guisborough) and his wife are at the back of the procession.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council, thanks to Ray Tough for the update.