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Mrs Blades and her class (fourth years) – 1981

Mrs Blades and her class (fourth years) - 1981

We asked for help as we could not put a name to anyone on this photo loaned to us by Mrs Sakaropoulus can you name anyone?

Joan Welford tells us: ”This is a Loftus Juniors picture. It is of Mrs Blades and her class of fourth years taken on the school field, probably before we were all due to leave for Rosecroft. And the year was 1981.”

Back row: Stephen Yeoman, Neil Skidmore, Shaun Bowman, Mark Hawkins, Graham Stringer, Paul Evans, Simon Whittaker, Michael Lanigan, Neil Knox, Martin Pountain, Mark Smith, John Hodgson, Michael Marsay, John Tomlinson, Colin Mason, Scott ? and Gary Dewsbury.

Front row: Amanda Patton, Tracy Taylor, Barbara Jacques, Emma Pauli, Clare Ditchburn, Sharon Couse, Sheena Flood, Emma Collin, Joanne Welford and at the front Heather ? and Theresea Dyer.

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakaropoulus and many thanks to Joanne for the update on names.

Mr. Beedle and Staff.

Taken in 1978 we think, do you know better?

Back row: Mr McKenna, Mrs Barker, Miss Merryweather, Miss Nicholson Steng, Miss Swalwell.

Front row: Mrs. Redding, Mrs Toulson, Mrs Benett, Mrs Blades, Mrs Shail, Mr Beedle.

Image and names courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School, 1977

Loftus Junior School, 1977

Back Row: Miss J Long, Anthony Pearson, Graham Smith, Jason Fraser, Ian Harrison, Trevor Smith, Jill Kitchener, David Rodgers.

Third Row: Samantha Wheatley, Pamela Cotterill, Amanda Jopling, Ingrid McLeod, Jill Goldby, Christine Ricks, Lynn Drinkhall, Christine Shaw.

Second Row: Paul Bland, Peter Everington, Graham Morrison, Kevin Norris, Haydn Duffty, Phillip Stone, Dale Sissons, Nigel Hayes.

Front Row: Alan Pearson, David Barber, Brian Ward, Joyce Nicholson, Sonia Coaten, Andrea Glover, Keith Winspear, Paul Armstrong.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Haydn Duffty for the update.

Loftus Junior School 1970

Proudly displaying a model castle:

Back Row: John Barry, Brian Sawdon, Anthony Sherwood, Martin Byers, David Cuthbert, Michael Hopper, Mike Gowan.
Middle Row: David Legg, Tony Robinson, Philip Barnes, Brian Hart.
Front Row: Stephen Pressick, Keith Bowers, Nicholas Whitlock, Christopher Marsay, David Bowers, Glen Yeoman.
Whilst Jenna Skidmore tells us: “Photographs of me when I was in year 1 and younger”. But can anybody tell the year and the occasion?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson,thanks to Mike Hopper for the missing name and to Jenna Skidmore for the update.

Mrs Leybourne, Michael Tyreman And?

Back Row: Mrs Leybourne, Trevor Himsworth, Mike Allison, Mike Tyreman, Gary Yarker, Colin Taylor, Neil Colbeck, Sean Gray, Paul Easton, Steve Wilson
Middle row, Keith Lindsey, Carol White, Jennifer Dickenson, Deborah Shaw, Susan Cook, Paula Sawdon, Dawn Jefferson, Tracy Roberts, Tracey Stewart.

Front row: Susan Stevenson, Judith Buxton, Lesley Hall, Rob Wallace, Graham Craggs, Jennie Collins, Carol Grey, Jackie Beatie, Catherine Robinson.
Sittingat front: Neil Bint, Richard Kemp, Ian Bowers, Kevin Patton, Mike Richardson.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; with thanks to Craig Urban, Catherine Robinson and Tracy Stewart for the updates.

Pupils In Ruins

Were you visiting the ruins of Mount Grace Priory, please tell us?

Image courtesy of Mr. D. McKenna.

Can’t Push It Over

These ruins require careful study, tell us your names girls please?

Image courtesy of Mr. D. McKenna.

Still Looking

The Archive asked: “Share the secret, who are you and what were you looking at?” Andrew Hodgson tells us: ”Picture taken at Carlton Outdoor Education Centre, near Stokesley. Front (right centre): Jason Booth, to his left Mark Moon. Front (left centre): Lisa Jackson.”

Image courtesy of Mr D. McKenna and thanks to Andrew Hodgson for the update.

Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

We asked: “Okay you pupils tell us where you were and what you were all looking at?” Andrew Hodgson told us: ”Carlton Outdoor Education Centre; front (left to right): Jason Wharton, Christopher Hogarth, Mark ?. Centre right (1 o’clock position): Michele Bailey.” Are there any more names?

Image courtesy of Mr. D. McKenna and thanks to Andrew Hodgson for the update.

We’re Here

Mr McKenna explains something to two pupils. We asked: ”But what and where are they?” David told us: ”The doorway in the background looks very similar to the ones of Mount Grace Priory” and Kim Lindley tell us: ”Ashley Dohring and Lisa Ward are the two little ladies.”

Image courtesy of Mr D. McKenna and thanks to David and Kim Lindley for the updates.