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Loftus County Modern Football Team 1955 – 56

Loftus County Modern Football team 1955 – 56, were obviously winners; but we needed help! Easily identifiable was Mr Stephenson, although there were some names; thanks for the assstance with the rest! But what was the trophy in the background?

Back row: Herbie Holliday Jackson, Terry Kentfield, Alan Jackson, Eric Lancaster (goalkeeper), John Mead, William Morrish, Robert Jackson, Mr Maurice (Zac) Stephenson.

Front row: Frank Chapman, Neil Dale, Tony Walker, Fred Cuthbert, Colin Fenby.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks for assistance with names to date to Margaret & Bill Shaw, Marjorie Magor, Sylvia Auckland, Eric Johnson and Ken Fawcett.

Loftus County Modern School – Mrs Norminton’s class – 1951

Loftus Senior School - Mrs Normington's class - 1951

Back row: Fred Ward, Brian Shaw, William Sunley, Ralph Breckon, Colin Riley, Michael Laverick, Tom Fletcher, Billy Day, Colin Wilson, Brian Hodgson, Keith Smith.
Middle row: June Cuthbert, Judy Dobson, Anne Verrill, Alice Partlett, Olwyn Bard, Norma Cockerill, Jean Pearson, Margaret Johnson, Jube Watson, Keith Whitlock.
Front row: Elizabeth Spearpoint, Cybil Temple, Kay Libby, Hilary Robinson, Mrs Norminton, Hazell Boddy, Ann Sawnby, Ann Robinson, Veronica Harrison.
Front (seated): Barry Breckon and Raymond Powell.
Image courtesy of Hazel Collinson and Iris Place.

Loftus Senior School 1947ish?

Loftus Senior School 1947ish?

We have a little puzzle for you all, can you fill in the names of this school photograph and assist with the year?
Back row: Mr Norminton, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Don Bowers, ??, ??, ??, Mrs Best.
Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Brenda Lightfoot, Ann Edwards, ??, ??, ??, ??, Clarence White.
Second row: ??, ??, ??, Claire Boothby, ??, ??, Enid Hill, ??, Nancy Peart, Elaine Kilvington, Mary Cole.
Front row (on floor): Colin Atkinson, ??, ??.
Image courtesy of Brenda Lightfoot and thanks to Ray Brown for the update.

Loftus Senior School 1945ish?

Loftus Senior School 1945ish?

Mr Davey’s class are all present and Mr Normintonb has joined them for their class photograph.
Back row: Mr Davey, Alan Hodgson, Alan Johns, Frank Hollinworth, Donald Bowers, Alan Fletcher, Albert Maguire, Alan Morrison, Malcolm Whitlock, Donald Swales, Mr Norminton.
Middle row: Colin Trattles, Dennis Sawdon, Edith Simpson, Edna Noble, Mary Chadwick, Ann Edwards, Brenda Lightfoot, Marjorie Parkin, Barbara Cook, Clarence White, Colin Atkinson.
Front row: Elaine Kilvington, Audrey Coultas, Mary Cole, Enid Hill, Sylvia Hewison, Clair Boothby, Gerda Ditchburn, Nancy Peart, Margaret Graham.
Image and names courtesy of Brenda Lightfoot; many thanks to Cynthia White for the update.

Loftus Senior School Play 1939

Kindly supplied by Helen Fowle (later Cook) this is one of a series of im ages of activities both in and out of school in Loftus. Do you remember taking part in this school play from 1939 and perhaps can assist with the missing names or the title of the play?
Standing (left to right): Raymond Lindsay, ? Thompson, Joyce Barrett, Arnold Robinson, ??, Dennis Scott, Maggie Holliday, Joyce Linton, Alan Hopper, Dennis Cuthbert, Joyce Wrightson, Audrey Hauxwell. Seated: Irene Wood.

Susan Brown (nee Atkinson) tells us: “Great photograph! I recognise my mum a very young Maggie Holliday. Lovely to see.”
Image courtesy of Helen Cooke (nee Fowle) and thanks to Susan for that update.

Loftus County Modern School – 1956 – Form 4A

The board told the year and the class, but please can we have help with names; can anybody assist?
Back row: John Ditchburn, Kenneth Greening, Bob Goldby.
Middle row: ??, ??, Michael Batchelor, ??, ??, Michael Matthews, Fred Baldwin, Willie Summerson, Mr Malcolm Gratton.
Front row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Image and some names courtesy of Joan Jemson;  thanks to Richard Jackson, Christine Baldwin and Paul Ditchburn for the updates on names.

Loftus School’s Prize Pupils 1965

Loftus County Modern School Speech Day presentations by Alderman J. T. Fletcher; chairman of North Riding Education Committee. Mr Norminton commented that: ”as it was easier for children to find jobs, parents were willing to leave them at school for an extra year.” This in a period when jobs outnumbered school leavers. How times have changed!
Back row: Hazel Johnson, Mary Hall, ??, Steven Partlett.
Front: Mr Harold Norminton (Headmaster), Annette Steyert, Alderman Fletcher, Colin Grout, Keith Fowle, Talbert Jackson.

Image courtesy of Jean Carass; also many thanks to Chris Colbeck, Steven Partlett and Eileen Found for the updates.

1965 Loftus School

1965 Loftus School

A copy of a newspaper cutting reporting on the retirement of Mr and Mrs Gornall from Loftus County Modern in 1965.
Image courtesy of Christopher Colbeck.

School Group

School Group

Mrs Archer loaned us this photo but no dates and names were given can you date and name this photo?

Tutor Group 10D

Tutor Group 10D

We know the Tutor Group, but would love to know the year, can you help?

Back row: G. Thompson, L. Wright, D. Maskell, G. Hodgson, M. Cuthbert.
Middle row: Mrs M.R. Bennett (Teacher), D. Garner, W. Harrison, N. Colbeck, S. Pearson, M. Schwec, L. Smith, G. Craven, J. Easton,  Mr. K. Staines (Head of Year).
Front row: L. Papworth, L. Hewitt, C. Crooks, M. Tunnah, L. Welford, J. Dixon, D. Devereux, F. Sowerby, K. Bingham.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer.