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Brotton Green Tree

The Green Tree at Brotton, believed to be from the 1950’s. Pamela Mcvay tells us: ”We used to live on Lorne Terrace (out of shot here,) I remember the shops behind the Green Tree and at the end of Lorne Terrace was a dairy selling milk and orange juice in bottles. Not sure if this might be very early 1950s”. Gary Wilson also tells us: ”I can also remember the shops behind the Green Tree; the Coop and Ruddock’s butchers on the corner and Ada Bell in the dairy.” Whilst Patsy Gallon has memories: “I remember going to Ada’s when we visited my gran, Elsie Rogerson. She lived on the High Street. My mum had the hairdressers in approximately late 1940’s – 1950’s. I believe it is still a hairdressers today.” Alison Yarushin enquires: “Can anyone tell me which modern day building is the site of where Ruddock’s Butchers shop was? I am related to the Ruddock’s who owned the shop, and have some photograph from the 1930s of people standing on the doorstep of the shop.”

Image courtesy of Ray Brown; thanks to Pamela McVay, Gary Wilson, Patsy Gallon and Alison Yarushin for the updates.

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  • Malcolm Nellist

    I lived on Lorne Terrace for 40 years from 1968. Dairy at the end of the terrace which Ada Bell ran, milkman was Garretts I think, Ruddock on the corner of Ings Lane behind Green Tree then the Ship and Co-op. Coverdale buildings round the back where my dad was born in 1924.

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