National Provincial Bank – Loftus

Alas no longer a bank, this building in later years and before it finally closed it was better known as the Natwest. I can remember there being a National Provincial bank, becoming the National Westminster bank and then Natwest. How the interior of the building changed would be apparent to all who used the building in later years.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

High Side Looking East


This view of HIgh Side and the High Street, dates from after 1910, but is pre the war memorial which was erected in 1922. Note the horse-drawn transport ’cards’ left on the road, perhaps the roses did not need any more to ensure a good show? Norman Patton tells us: ”The Newton Memorial Chapel stands magnificent in the background.”
Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos and many thanks to Norman for that update.

Loftus Town Hall

A further postcard image of the Town Hall, a welcoming sight to all travellers through Loftus. The Town Hall was built by Lord Zetland in 1879, replacing on the same site the Parish Church School built by Zachary Moore (formerly Lord of the Manor before Lord Zetland) in 1746.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Church in the Trees

Church in the Trees

An unusual view of St Leonard’s church, this postcard image views the church through the trees. It gives a different perspective to the building.

St Leonard’s Church

St Leonard's Church

Another wonderful hand-tinted postcard view of the parish church for Loftus. Dating from about 1900 it is a wonderful view and well worth repeating on site.

An Old Postcard View of St Leonard’s

An Old Postcard View of St Leonard's

This Auty Series postcard dates from the early 1900s, in those days postcards being the primary means of communicating ensured a constant demand for images of people’s familiar home town views. This in the days before emails, texting or Twitter, how much quieter life must have been.

Loftus Dam

Loftus Dam

Now only a memory, The waterfall and upper pond at Loftus dam. Destroyed in the Floods which devastated Gaskell Ghyll and Loftus Mill and Bridge. Image courtesy of Eric Johnson.

St Leonard's an unusual view

St Leonard's an unusual view

This full height aspect of the east end of St Leonards church, was only visible for a short period during the demolition of the Golden lion hotel stables, and the building of Lingberry Garth opened by Prince Charles on 30th march 1994. Image courtesy of Eric Johnson.

Loftus from an Aeroplane 1929

Loftus from an Aeroplane 19??

A view of Loftus in 1929. The High Street runs diagonally from the bottom left corner, through the Market Place, to the top right. The amount of detail in the picture is noteworthy; it is fascinating to compare it to Google Earth’s view of the same area. Many of the buildings still stand today. But dating this photograph which was taken after the erection of the War Memorial, but prior to the demolition of the houses on high side behind the memorial. were demolished. David Richardson tells us: ”This is one of several aerial views of Loftus produced as postcards from a flyover in 1929.”
Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards and many thanks to David Richardson for the dating update.

High Street, Loftus

This view of the High Street, from the end of Arlington Street, shows two ladies viewing the shop window; whilst possibly preparing to push the pram up to the Market Place. With the weight of prams in those days, a good push!
Image courtesy of Mary Bielby and Olive Bennett.