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Haugh Bridge towards South Loftus

This postcard view of South Loftus from Dam end with the old railway bridge and land free of trees, includes Haugh Bridge, complete with three who children managed to get into the frame! It was produced by J. E. Harrison of High Street Loftus, posted in the 1930s from Loftus to Lealholm.

Image courtesy of Pat Brown.

Loftus Frozen Waterfall 1929

Obviously it was a cold winter in 1929! This postcard view give a dramatic view of the intensity of the cold weather, the waterfall appears as a solid wall of ice. Brrrr.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

Zetland Road Loftus

Taken from a George Skilbeck postcard view of Zetland Road, giving an excellent view of both Arrowsmiths memorials on display and the windows of Knaggs shop in the premises in the present day occupied by the Opticians. Can anybody assist with a date for this image?

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah.

St Hilda’s Place


The final house on St Hilda’s Place, which fronted the road which lead to the original Rectory for Loftus; believed to date from the mid 18th century. The track as shown in this image is now a ‘metalled’ road.
Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropuolos.

Loftus Co op Staff

Co-op male staff photographed in front of Trillo’s ice cream parlour; with ‘Lol’ Trillo in the doorway.
Back row: Ron Darby, Harry Waite (Manager),  Jack ? (storeman).
Front row: ? Smith, Harry Hall, John Conn.
Can we have assistance with names for the gentlemen and a possible date?

Enjoying the Sunshine at Trillos

Loftus Co-op staff, pose outside Trillo’s ice cream shop. Back row: Ron Danby, Harry Waite (Manager), Jack ? (storeman).
Middle Row: ? Cummings, Joan Hall, ??, Jean Harrison.
Front row: ??, ? Smith (?), Harry Hall, John Conn.
Again we would welcome assistance with names, can you help?

The Second Window

The other window of the Co-op dressed with Ryvita, I think it would be in the late 1950’s. What do you think?

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Crier.

Co-op Window

You don’t see windows dressed like this any more, they took a long time to do and you needed a steady hand. Was it the introduction of Ryvita, can you help us were you working there at this time?

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Crier.

Zetland Road Loftus

This image of Zetland Road clearly shows the ‘old’ shops (certainly surviving till the late 1950s), although this image is post 1906. The Congregational church on the corner of Westfield Terrace can be clearly seen, which is a bit hint! Obviously a quiet day, the statutory .

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

Loftus Dam in Winter

A delightful view of Loftus Dam BD (before the deluge!) in snow. Quite seasonal for this month! Richard Watson comments: “Walked through the wood post deluge (first time for 30 years) and was so shocked to see the damage caused — the photograph above is how I remember the waterfall.”

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Richard Watson for the update.