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Loftus Cub Scouts c. 1975

Loftus Cub Scouts pictured in the old scout hut. Dean Gibson tells us: ”The old Scout hut contained so many happy memories with a great history. If my memory serves me correctly, it was brought from RAF Fylingdales once the building of the BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station) was completed.” John Preston advises: “Tony and Elsie Biddlestone and their children Andrew, Jane and Ann emigrated to South Africa around 1977.”

Standing: Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwaite, Ray Silver.

Back row: John Templeman, Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot, Dave Toulson, ??, ?? , Graham Morrison, ?? , Geoffrey Grayson, Mark Unthank, Michael Tyreman, Stephen Whitlock, Andrew Conn.

Front row: Simon Wedgewood, ?? , Andrew Biddlestone, ?? , ?? , Christopher Smith, Trevor Himsworth, Sean Gray, Adrian Hardy, Andrew Tabner, ?? , ?? .

Image courtesy of Pam Morrison and names, also thanks to John Preston, Dean Gibson and Steve Jackson for updates.

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  • Andrew Biddlestone

    I still have a copy of this very picture. Such incredible & beautiful memories. I remember as clear as day the day our hut in Westerdale burnt down

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