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Silver Star Dance Band

Do you remember dancing the night away to the Silver Star Dance band? Ann Robinson advises: ” They lived in Skelton and played at local dance halls all over East Cleveland and were resident band at The Royal Hotel in Whitby. They were all one family (The Robinson’s); Syd (father) played accordion, Ida (mother) played piano, Joan (daughter) played drums, Ken (son) played trumpet and Lew (son) played saxophone and clarinet. “

Image and information courtesy of Ann Robinson (Lew’s wife).

Loftus Parish Church Choir

St Leonard’s boys choir believed to date from 1934, assembled at the church door.
Back row: A Pearson, J Temple, R Knight, P Johnson, V Trattles, F Fowle, R Westhorp, C Moss, Rev J A Davies.
Middle row: N Nellist, D Fowle, G Fowle, C Tate, A Kirby, G W Lightfoot, P Knight.
Front row: D Hawkins, K Westhorp, C Gibson, J Kirby.
Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Choir outing to Knaresborough

Described as ’Loftus Parish Church, Men’s Outing (Choir) to Knaresborough’ the gentlemen are identified by our kind donor Helen Cook.
Back row: ?? (coach driver), C Frankland, D Turnbull, C Trevillion, Walter Jordan, W Willis, J Trevillion, Tom Bradbury, W Fowle.
Middle row: T Jackson, L Cummins, ? Blakey, G Jackson, ??.
Front: W Dobson, F Fowle.
Can anybody assist with a date or missing names?
Image and names to date courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Stars and Stripes in Loftus

We asked of this image: ”Do you know the occasion, why the band was in Loftus and why were they parading with the flag of America?” Julie Riddiough tells us: ”I’m wondering if this is the Blues and Royals Juvenile Jazz Band that then became Loftus Green Jackets, I was a member when I was about 9/10 years old.” Karen Marsay has advised: ”This is not the Blues and Royals Juvenile Jazz Band, The Green Jackets were the first band in Loftus started up when I was 12 or 13 years old, in 1980’s the Green Jackets split up and the Blues and Royals formed which I joined after leaving the Green Jackets”

Image courtesy of Michelle Robinson, thanks to Julie Riddiough for a possible solution and to Karen Marsay for the full details.

Skinningrove And Eskdale Choir

Back row: P. Boocock, J. Stonehouse, R. Day. K. Summersgill, R. McBurnie, W. H. Fellows, G. E. Willis.
Middle row: N. Rowe, F. Templeman, M. Grout, B. Palfrafam, L. Bonnard, J. Bennison, V. Day.
Front row: J. Smith, H. Brown (Hon. Secretary), Ray Conn (Accompanist), Mavis Hall (Conductor), J. Sargent (Chairman), F. Smith, T. S. Garbutt.
Photograph dated 1976; Winners of The Dorman Stewart Rose Bowl, Middlesbrough Music Festival, The W. A. and E. Barker Cup. Eskdale Tournament of Song 1988/89. The Normanby Cup, Eskdale Tournament of, Song 1992/93. The Bingant Cup for highest marks in Eskdale Tournament of song 1993.

Image courtesy Frank Templeman.

Strike Up The Band

Loftus County Modern School Band taken in 1963-64 and believed to be linked to the 50th Jubilee of the Working Men’s Club in Carlin How outside which it was taken or possibly a Carlin How Gala, do you recognise anyone? Alan Walker tells us: ”Keith Ferguson (trombone), Keith Steyart (tenor horn), Peter Smith (baritone), Neville Rogerson (euphonium), Richard Shippey. Possibly Allan Walker (tenor horn), Barry Winspear (trombone), Kenneth Wilkinson (tenor horn), Mick Morrison (cornet), Eric Trembath (flugel horn), Richard Webster (bass).”

Photograph courtesy of Eric Johnson and thanks to Barbara McBurney, Alan Walker and Neville Rogerson for the updates.

North Skelton Band

The Hope to Prosper band was one of the Ironstone Miners lodge bands this image dates from 1903, alas the Bull’s Head is no more in North Skelton.

Image (from The Key magazine) courtesy of Eric Johnson.

What Was The Occasion?

We know it is Skinninggrove Band walking by Angling Green,  the image has come to the Archive twice; Colin Hart providing a copy (on the reverse bearing the information ”Arlington Studio – W.E. Grier”); dating from the early 1960s it is believed.

Ray Brown tells the Archive: ”I cannot help with the date or reason for the parade, but I can help with a few names, leading the band is Arthur Stone (looking at him I would say the picture may have been taken in the mid 1950 to early 1960s); front row (far right) Henry Rawlins, front row (far left) Jimmy Bushby?, third row (far right) Colin Limon and back row (far left) Malcolm Voden. All those named helped both Loftus County Modern band and later; when formed the Loftus Town Band.”
Image courtesy Colin Hart and Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and thanks to Ray Brown for the update.

First Prize

Skinningrove Brass Band at Pickering in August 1910, winning the first prize. Do you know any of the men? We are told by Keith Lowther: ” The bloke at the front with the trombone is my grandfather, Arthur Ernest Lowther from Whitby; 1880 to 1963.”

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and thanks to Keith Lowther for the update.

Which Band?

Not a very clear photograph and I couldn’t read what is on the banner at the back, can you? What is known is that it is an Ironstone Miner’s Lodge Banner. Simon Chapman has advised the Archive: “It’s the station yard at Brotton with the Methodist Chapel on the left with the distinctive decorative gable on the right.”
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, also thanks to Eric Johnson and Chris Twigg for their efforts in attempting to identify the banner or the location; thanks to Simon Chapman for confirmation of the location.