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Cleveland Explorer 125 Special – 1990

Crossing the A174 at Carlin How bridge is the Cleveland Explorer 125 Special; run by Hertfordshire Rail Tours on the 20th October 1990. The Power cars were  43198+43054; the train ran from London St Pancras and included a trip to Boulby Potash.

Image and information courtesy of Mark Thompson.

Rail Tour – Q6 63431 at Slapewath Viaduct

Locomotive Q6 63431 steaming over Slapewath viaduct as part of the Q6 Rail Tour in the 1960’s. This is part of a series of images taken by Robert Goundry with his prized Kodak Retinette Ia camera, of the Rail Tour and landscape views.

Image and details courtesy of Robert Goundry.

Kilton Valley Viaduct

This Kilton Valley Viaduct view comes from an undated and unused postcard, possibly previous to 1905 and the in-filling between the supporting arches. It is possible that the locomotive will give a possible dating and the Archive would welcome any assistance. Geoffrey Allen has responded to our request with:”The locomotive appears to be a N.E.R Class O 0-4-4T (LNER/BR Class G5) it is in Lined NER Livery. These engines were built at Darlington Works between May 1894 and December 1901; 110 in total so a 1905 date is possible. They were used on the Saltburn to Scarborough service and the number of coaches may suggest that this is such a train. Of the six coaches the second to last appears to be an earlier 6 wheel coach, the last of which were built about 1897 all the rest are bogie coaches, the first is a birdcage brake coach and the last may also be the same but the details are obscured. The other 3 appear to be low roofed bogie coaches built from about 1895 to 1906.” 

Image courtesy of Julie Tyrka; thanks to Maurice Dower for the update and many thanks to Geoffrey Allen for the excellent update.

East Row Railway Bridge, Sandsend

A northbound train of the Sandsend viaduct. I often wonder when this image was taken, knowing that my mother-in-law used to work on Bridling Station (in the railway buffet) pre WWII, but lived in Sandsend. She travelled daily; todays commuters have it easy. As the time spent travelling must have been considerable, owing to the pace of those local trains!

Image courtesy of Jean Carass & Maurice Grayson.

Staithes Viaduct – Demolition

We are now reliably informed by Russ Pigott: ”This is actually a picture of the demolition of Staithes viaduct in 1960. There weren’t too many diesel cranes about in the 1870s!” WHOOPS we got it wrong.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive and many thanks to Russ Pigott for clarification of the image.

Staithes and Viaduct

This hand tinted postcard shows how delicate the supporting piers of the Staithes viaduct were and give a greater understanding of how cross winds could affect trains on the structure.

Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson & Keith Bowers.

Last Train Through Staithes to Scarborough

A misleading caption on this photograph, The train in fact is leaving the viaduct from the direction of Loftus. Boulby cliff is prominent in the background; the last train from Scarborough ran in May 1958.

Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson and Keith Bowers.

Marske Mill Viaduct

A Jackson & Sons Grimsby tinted postcard view of the railway viaduct, close to the former Marske Mill, being unposted it is only possible to estimate the date; possibly from the early 1900s. Eric Lindsay adds: “J.M. Jackson & Co., Ltd (1913-1914) Grimsby, England. John Middleton Jackson was primarily a publisher of English view-cards. Many of these were multi-views produced lithographically or as hand colored real photos. A number of comic postcards were also produced in packaged series. These cards were often issued under the Jay-Em-Jay Series name. They had a branch office in Bradford, Lincolnshire.”

Image courtesy of Kim Whaley, thanks to Eric Lindsay for the update.

Raithwaite Viaduct

A different train to be viewed on the Raithwaite viaduct which spans Newholm beck, having left Sandsend travelling towards the Whitby Westcliff station.

Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson.

Sandsend Viaduct – Sandsend

A different view of the Sandsend viaduct, showing a steam train northbound, about to enter Sandsend station.

Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson.