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63431 at Kilton Mine

The Q6 Rail Tour obviously include several ‘detours’ and obviously Kilton Mine was one! This view appears to show the locomotive close to the mine.

Image and details courtesy of Robert Goundry.

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  • Steve Partlett

    I can actually remember seeing this train on the Kilton mine branch. At the time I was walking with my Grandparents along the footpath from Lumpsey to Kilton mine when the train came past. As far as I remember, it was a ‘Special’ organised by the Stephenson Locomotive Society. It was quite surprising because this size of engine was normally not allowed on this branch, due to it’s longer rigid wheelbase not being suited to the track and curves in the mine yard. The daily regular trains to Kilton and Lingdale mines were hauled by the smaller J27 0-6-0’s. I can also remember being taken to the junction where this line joined the double track to Brotton. A loco had lost control of it’s train on the way down from the mine with loaded wagons, and the signalman had set the points for a short siding so the train did not run onto the main line. The loco had ploughed off the end of the track and into the bank side. It had to be recovered with the assistance of a large steam crane.

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