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Westray Street – VE Day 1945

Westray Street, Carlin How; celebrating VE Day 1945; the Archive knows that Edna Hicks and her brother Ray Hicks were part of these celebrations. But the Archive welcomes any assistance in identifying any participants in this celebration.

Image and information to date courtesy of Eileen Patton (nee Hicks) – via Jennifer Housam.

Baxter Sisters 1908

Pictured are the Baxter girls, in Carlin How and the picture is believed to date from about 1908. The Archive is reliably informed that their names are (standing): Mabel, May, Emmy. Seated Gertrude (Dot), Evelyn (Eva). Any further assistance in identifying the family would be welcomed.

Image and details courtesy of Dr Sandra Sellick, Canada.

Fancy Dress at Carlin How Club Hall 1950?

This is believed to be a Fancy Dress party being held in Carlin How Club Hall in possibly 1950, although further details and possible date would be welcomed. Ann Robinson tells us: ” The only names I can place are: top row – 5th from left June Rowe, next to her Ann Seymour, then Isla Robinson. I’d love to see if anyone else can recognise anyone”. Can anybody assist? Rita Beckham advises: “Two  girls in front row; girl in black looking to her right, is my sister Joyce Welford. Next to her on her left is Marion Welford her younger sister. Top row third left (in white) is Audrey Cornforth.”

Image and details to date courtesy of Ann Robinson, thanks to Rita Beckham for the update.

Carlin How Carnival Pram 1953

A further picture from the 1953 Coronation Carnival celebrations; Moira Smith and Coronation Queen Ann Robinson are shown with the winning ‘Best Dressed Pram’, again on the football field beyond The Bullet on Kilton Lane. Ann and the Archive would welcome any memories of this event and possibly add more details of attendance.

Image and details courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Carlin How Carnival Queen 1953

In 1953, Carlin How held a Carnival  to celebrate following the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; pictured we have Coronation Queen Ann Seymour (on the right with the sash) and her attendant and friend Moira Smith . The event was held on the football field near The Bullet on Kilton Lane. Ann tells the Archive: “I went to school with Moira’s brother, Derek Smith.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Moira and Derek, or if anyone remembers this carnival”.

Image and details courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Top Factory Girls 1953

Enjoying the sunshine are, as Ann Robinson tells us: “some of the girls who worked at the ‘Top Factory’!” Ann can identify some:

Back row (left to right): Ann Seymour, Shirley Rowe, ??, ??, Anita Williamson.

Front row: ??, Joan Kidd, ??, Ivy Sayers (later Thompson), Joan Pearson.

Thomas Sayers tells the Archive: “The fourth girl on the front row appears to be my sister, Ivy Sayers later Thompson”. Whilst Rita Beckham advises: “Second girl, almost hidden on left is Joan Kidd.”

If anyone can assist with additional names both the Archive and Ann would welcome any updates.

Image and names to date courtesy of Ann Robinson, also thanks to Thomas Sayers and Rita Beckham for the updates.

Ann Robinson Cutting Her Wedding Cake

Later the same day (28th July 1956), Ann and Lewis Robinson are pictured cutting their wedding cake following their wedding at St Helen’s Church, Carlin How. Ann Robinson has also told us: “The reception was held in Carlin How Club Hall as it was then called”.

Image and update courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Ann Seymour Marrying Lewis Robinson 1956

Pictured outside St Helen’s Church,  Carlin How; are Ann Seymour and her new husband Lewis Robinson on 28th July 1956. Perhaps you were at the wedding?

Image courtesy of Ann Robinson.

The Easter Bonnet Winners Are!

John and Jean Weir (nee Cocks) are seen with it is believed the winners of Carlin How Women’s Institute Easter Bonnet competition of 1968. As yet we do not know the names of the winners; however Brian Young tells us: ”Gentleman in middle  is Leslie Nicholson, he had a shop in Brotton High Street.” Derick Pearson advises: ”Leslie of Nicholson and Pettys of Brotton was also involved with Carlin How chapel and also a Magistrate. The lady on the far right of the picture was called Pat or Pam and was a hairdresser from Queen Street, Carlin How.” Whilst Gail Hudson notes: “I think the lady second from the right is my Grandma, Hilda Hudson.”

Image courtesy of a keen visitor to our site and many thanks to Brian Young, Derick Pearson and Gail Hudson for the updates.

Robert Glover – Railway Worker

This family photograph shows Robert Glover (great grand father of Caroline Callow), he  was a railway guard for North Eastern Railway and lived in Loftus and for some time at 22 Wood Street Carlin How. Fred Miller comments: “Despite not knowing Robert Glover, I felt I should comment. What a fantastic experience it is looking at all these old photographs. I was born in 1937 at Furnace cottages but spent my childhood at 26 Westray Street. I had relatives in both Westray Street and Rawlinson Street: Boardmans, Maddens and Watts. The ‘Bottom End’ as it was known was a small community separate from the rest of Carlin How. I have many happy memories of the place, the ‘top and bottom commons’, ‘ally ballies’, Bobby Conway, Bob Welford and Alf Hudson (coalmen); Bosomworth’s milk lorry and Hall’s milk cart. The gang I played with; Peter Libby (still there and still in touch), Leo Bowman, Betty Pinkney, the Ward twins, Colin Green, Raymond Hicks and lots more. We roamed all over the valley from Kilton woods to Hummersea to Saltburn side and all points in between. as well as Saturday matinees at the Empire. Now I live in Hertfordshire but I still visit your website and memories flood back. Every year we rent a cottage in the area to visit relatives, my half brother Ian Bowman in Skelton and various cousins. Enough, thank you for all the photographs and a Very Happy New Year to everyone in Carlin How but in particular the Bottom End.”

Image courtesy of Caroline Callow and thanks to Fred Miller for the comment.