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Loftus Zetland Junior 1949

Sue Wesley-Emmerson contacted the Archive with two photographs of her mother Robina (Bunty) Edwards and sought help in identifying others in the photographs; this the first is of pupils at Loftus Junior probably from 1949, can anybody assist with a more precise date or names?

Back row: ‘torn’, ??, Eric Tyreman, John Hill, Ian Davidson, Alan Hoggart, Colin Ward, Tom Fletcher, Ken Swales.

Third row: ‘torn’, Ena Thompson, ??, Iris George, Robina (Bunty) Edwards, Maureen Pressick, Mavis Parkin, Margaret Pennock, Pat Hall, Gladys Whitlock.

Second row: Betty Yeoman, Maureen Walker, ??, Jean Peart?, Penny Tyreman, Noreen Hyde, Sheila Coultas, Ena Peart, Julie Brough.

Front row: Brian Tindale, Terence Boyes, Geoffrey Sawdon, Terence (Tex) Cowan, ? Spearpoint?.

Image courtesy of Sue Wesley-Emmerson, thanks to Betty Want, Joan Jemson, Eric Johnson and Eileen Found for names to date.

Loftus County Modern School 1951

The second of two photographs sent to us by Sue Wesley-Emmerson of Form 2 1952 of Loftus County Modern pictured with their form teacher Mr Zac Stephenson; can anyone assist with names?

Back row: Harry Wildmore, Eric Tyreman, ??, Ian Davidson, John Hill, Alan Hoggarth, Colin Ward, ??, ??, Terry (Skip) Boyes, Mike Ward, Terence (Tex) Cowan.

Second row: Ena Peart, Noreen Hyde, Mavis Parkin, Robina (Bunty) Edwards, Maureen Pressick, Iris George, Margaret Pennock, Pat Hall, Maureen Walker.

Front row: ??, Jean Peart, Penny Tyreman, Mavis Hewison, Betty Yeoman, Mr Zac Stephenson (Teacher), ??, Ena Peart, Margaret Ditchburn, Julie Brough, Freda Fishlock.

Image courtesy of Sue Wesley- Emmerson, thanks to Betty Want (nee Yeoman), Joan Jemson, Eric Johnson and Eileen Found for name to date.

Loftus Zetland Junior 1949/50

Now believed to be the Loftus Junior (Duncan Place/Zetland) school class of 1949/50, with the initial posting the Archive asked: “Can anybody assist; especially if we have got any names incorrect!” Keith Fawcett came to the rescue with: “I was interested to see this photograph and would suggest that the date is more likely to be 1949/50 since another photo on the same page of the site includes quite a few of these children and is described (correctly) as Zetland Juniors Class 7,1951. Whilst most of the faces are familiar, I cannot recall the names of all but would suggest the following (some with more confidence than others).”

Back row: John Mead, Gordon Simpson, Jean Sawdon, Pamela Dobson, Carol Pascoe, Ann Pennock, Heather Woodall, Kath Harrison, Doug Breckon, Chris Beadon.

Second row: Kenneth Fawcett, Brian Burton, Ray Harrison, Tony Walker, Ken Craggs, Ron Allison, Peter Kitchener, Brian Winspear, Michael Matson, Wilf Hodge, Mike Hodgson, David Smith, Tony Hardy.

First row: ??, Hazel Laverick, Jackie Duncan, Doreen McEwan, ??, ??, ??, Mary Dale, Norma Liddell.

Front row (seated on floor): Derek Rowe, Christopher Williams, Colin Swalwell.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson, grateful thanks to Eric Johnson and Ken Fawcett for the updated names.

Loftus Zetland Junior Summer 1937

Loftus Junior (Zetland) School pupils pictured in the summer of 1937 in their last Junior School photograph before moving ‘up’ to the big school in the September. In June 1937 all the pupils from Liverton Mines had to move owing to the subsidence which affected both the school and houses; their are other posts on the Archive about this problem. Note the next group of pupils awaiting their turn to have their photographs taken on the extreme right of the image.

This group (possibly the entire year) includes Mervyn; it is believed that the certificates may relate to the Eskdale Tournament, but the Archive would welcome assistance and additional names.

Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Second row: ??, ??, Edith Morley, Isabel Codling, ??, ??.

Front row (kneeling): Mervyn Sherwood Brown, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Image and information courtesy of Mervyn Sherwood Brown (via Dean Gibson), thanks to Janet Wilson for the update.

Excellent Attendance in 1904

Excellent attendance at school, especially for a 4 year old! Vida was born in Brotton in 1900, marrying Edwin Hindmarch in 1921; they moved to live at 11 The Avenue, Brotton in 1944 till her death in 1970. Interestingly the Elizabeth Mary Day who was listed as Head Teacher on this certificate was also Brotton born and bred. In 1891, at the age of twenty two Miss Day was head of the Elementary School (on Saltburn Road, Brotton).

Image courtesy of Abi Hindmarch.

Dinner Ladies 1972/3

Our beloved dinner ladies are back, pictured resting from their labours at lunch time.

Back row: Cynthia White, Eileen Mead, Maggie Marley.

Front row (seated): Gwen Husband, Margaret Sivills, Jeanette Found, Margery Wilkinson, Sadie Curnow.

The Archive asked: “Please have we got the names correct?Keith Curnow has settled things: “You certainly have Sadie Curnow correct. I am her son, Keith, she was the wife of Norman and mother of three son’s, Steve, John, and myself.

Image and some names courtesy of Cynthia White, thanks to Barbara McBurney for supplying the missing name and many thanks to Keith Curnow for the confirmation.

Towers School – 1947?

Towers School, Saltburn; a whole school image from c.1947, the only person that is identified is Diane Turner (second from the right on the second row). The image was originally featured in ‘Remember When’ – Evening Gazette – taken from a cutting. Can anybody assist with names and a confirmatory date?

Cutting courtesy of Eric Johnson.

Guisborough Grammar School Form 1 Alpha – 1966

Guisborough Grammar School’s Form 1 Alpha gathered in 1966 for the class photograph: Back row: Alan Wright, Graham Hodgson, Anthony Ward, Steve Wright, Barry Miller, Pete Sanchez, Andy Over, Robert Liddell, Michael Champney.

Middle row: Dave Shorten, Alan Trigg, Peter Madden, Ken Tod, Ralph Levy, Steve Walker, John ‘Sprout’ Houghton, Peter Mason, Alan Pearson, Graham Ormerod.

Front row: Andrew Holman, Andrew Day, Sean O’Rourke, Peter Thomas, Mr Anderson (Form Teacher), Michael Pearce, Tony ‘Tosh’ Smith, Robert ‘Scratch’ Ward, Andrew Tyas.

Andrew Day who sent the Archive has memories this time: “I started at Guisborough Grammar School in January 1966 and was plonked in form 1 Alpha. It was a bit of a baptism of fire for our family. We moved from Southend on Sea to Guisborough in that dreadful winter of 1966. I started at Guisborough Grammar School and my sister one year my senior went to the Laurence Jackson School. We were ribbed mercilessly at first at school due largely I believe because of our southern accents. Still, as time moved on we grew to be accepted and our times in North Yorkshire became a very rich and rewarding time for us all, especially our mother who to the day she died, wanted to move back north.”

Image and names to date courtesy of Andrew Day, thanks to John Poulter, Steve Walker and Bob Liddell for completing the naming.

Towers School 1925

The Towers School, Saltburn 1925, for which the Archive is asking for assistance regarding this photograph. The image came to the Archive following comments to an image of the school dating c.1928. Peter Owen told the Archive: “Going through family archives, my mother (Marjorie Appleton) was at The Towers in 1925 at the age of 15 – this is the whole school photograph of that year. I would like to believe that her two sisters might also be in this photograph, Doris Appleton and Audrey Appleton. I put an arrow in the scan who I believe is my mother. Roger Byron-Collins has told the Archive: “My late mother in law, Svanhild Hojem was born in 1914 and was the daughter of a Norwegian business school owner in Stavanger and Arendal, attending Towers School in the 1920s.  There were a significant number of fellow students at the school from Norway and her best friend was the daughter of Christian Salvesen of the well-known transport company.” The Archive , as well as Peter and Roger would welcome any assistance in naming pupils or staff.

Image courtesy of Peter Owen, thanks to Peter Owen and Roger Byron-Collins for additional information.

Loftus Junior School 1964

The third year class of Loftus Junior School, pictured in 1964, outside the entrance to Loftus Junior School. The Archive could only identify one pupil and Mr Philpot (his wife was the Librarian at Loftus Library for several years!); having asked for assistance the responses have been wonderful!. Janis Bonner believes: “I think this is later than 1964 probably more like 1968.This class was the year below me. I recognise some of these children.” Terry Shaw adds: “I believe this was 1968.” Terry has memories of Mr Philpot : “He was a good teacher but very strict, quite handy with the slipper, remember nice warm afternoons with him reading Swallows and Amazons.”

Back row: Marcus Burnside, Steven Found, Peter Metcalf, Dave Danby, Brian Fletcher, David Thompson, Matthew Fisher, Howard Birtwhistle, Brian Barrett, Terry Shaw.

Middle row: Martin Walley, David Anderson, Dennis Cowey, Catherine McMasters, Kath Findlay, Katherine Stamford, Pat Puckrin, Denise Conn, Carol Magor, Shirley Greener, Regan Davey, Dave Hodgson, Chris Lindsey.

Front row: Janet Smith, Angela Cook, Julie Harding, Julie Easton, Pauline Dodds Mr Colin Philpott (Teacher), Maureen Thirsk, Judith O’Cain, Julie Wood, Carol Gibson, Lynne Bottomley.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Janis Bonner, Terry Shaw, and Judith O’Cain for the updates; many thanks to Dave Danby, Martin Walley and Dave Hodgson for finalising the names.