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Carlin How School 1950

Happily assembled in the yard for the annual class photograph.

Back row: Bobby Welford Derek Magor, John Pearson, Rob Padgett, Harry Irving, Colin Cook, Dennis Myers, John Smith.

Middle row: Malcolm Taylor, John Scott, Jimmy Hough, Albert Breckon, Ernie Goldby, Nancy Goldby, Keturah Welford, Barry Auckland, Peter Crossman, Arthur Groves, Brian Atkinson, Ronnie Batchelor.

Front row: Janet Easton, Ann Rawson, Barbara Ward, Hillary Moody, Pam Cole, Ann Tyreman, Sylvia Young, Pauline Evans, Barbara Hall, Hillary Brown, Ann Wilson.

Image and names courtesy of Barry Auckland. 

Loftus County Modern Football Team 1955 – 56

Loftus County Modern Football team 1955 – 56, were obviously winners; but we needed help! Easily identifiable was Mr Stephenson, although there were some names; thanks for the assstance with the rest! But what was the trophy in the background?

Back row: Herbie Holliday Jackson, Terry Kentfield, Alan Jackson, Eric Lancaster (goalkeeper), John Mead, William Morrish, Robert Jackson, Mr Maurice (Zac) Stephenson.

Front row: Frank Chapman, Neil Dale, Tony Walker, Fred Cuthbert, Colin Fenby.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks for assistance with names to date to Margaret & Bill Shaw, Marjorie Magor, Sylvia Auckland, Eric Johnson and Ken Fawcett.

Margrove School 1928

Margrove School 1928

From the days when every village had a school, this school photograph of Margrove Park in 1928 dates from that era. And we have:

Back row from left to right): Mr Mackenzie, Lewis Snowdon, Miss Parkinson, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Myers, Miss Sprintall, Dick Moorhouse, Phillip Sanderson.

Middle row: Les Wood, Tommy Handley, Peggy Franks, Pat Sanderson, Winnie Day, Hazel Thompson, David Teasdale, ??, Tommy Simpson, John Nicholson, Jack Baker, Joe Proud, Charlie Wrightson.

Front row: Jack Balls, Jack Teasdale, Arthur Balls, Frank Davison, Albert Franks, Leonard Albert, Claire Sanderson, Lillie Bennison, Frances Sayer, Lil Cottell.

As Derick Pearson tells us: “Lewis Snowdon later became Head at Skinningrove Secondary Modern School and later became Deputy Head at Loftus County Modern when it opened in 1963.”

Image courtesy of Iris Place and many thanks to Derick for the update.

Loftus County Modern School – Mrs Norminton’s class – 1951

Loftus Senior School - Mrs Normington's class - 1951

Back row: Fred Ward, Brian Shaw, William Sunley, Ralph Breckon, Colin Riley, Michael Laverick, Tom Fletcher, Billy Day, Colin Wilson, Brian Hodgson, Keith Smith.
Middle row: June Cuthbert, Judy Dobson, Anne Verrill, Alice Partlett, Olwyn Bard, Norma Cockerill, Jean Pearson, Margaret Johnson, Jube Watson, Keith Whitlock.
Front row: Elizabeth Spearpoint, Cybil Temple, Kay Libby, Hilary Robinson, Mrs Norminton, Hazell Boddy, Ann Sawnby, Ann Robinson, Veronica Harrison.
Front (seated): Barry Breckon and Raymond Powell.
Image courtesy of Hazel Collinson and Iris Place.

Plenty of Seats Left

100 Years St

The crowds still gather to take their seats at the Centenary Celebrations, where you there? Tell us you memories of this special day.

100 Years and Counting

100 Years and Counting

The stalls await the eager browsers outside the school, a lovely day for a wonderful event. The sun shone and everybody came to celebrate.

100 Years Old For a Well Loved School

100 Years Celebrations for St Joseph's School

Although St Joseph’s had moved from Deepdale Road to Rosecroft Lane, it was appropriate that the centenary should be celebrated, a well loved school deserves recognition.

100 Years St Joseph's

100 Years St Joseph's

Mayor Eric Jackson (himself a former pupil of St Joseph’s in Deepdale Road) was an honoured guest at the celebrations.

1993 Dinner Ladies

Briefly taking their rest, the ladies of 1993 were: Cynthia White, Christine Garner, Carole Yeoman, Marlene Noble, Shirley Kentfield.
Image and names courtesy of Cynthia White.

Dinner Ladies in 1985

No curtains this time and with the school library behind them we have the ladies of 1985.
Back row: Ann Tremain, Eileen McLeod.
Front row: Angela Cox, Janice Simpson, Cynthia White, Carole Yeoman, Heather Kilvington.

Image and names courtesy of Cynthia White.