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Carlin How School 1950

Happily assembled in the yard for the annual class photograph.

Back row: Bobby Welford, Derek Magor, John Pearson, Rob Padgett, Harry Irving, Colin Cook, Dennis Myers, John Smith.

Middle row: Malcolm Taylor, John Scott, Jimmy Hough, Albert Breckon, Ernie Goldby, Nancy Goldby, Keturah Welford, Barry Auckland, Peter Crossman, Arthur Groves, Brian Atkinson, Ronnie Batchelor.

Front row: Janet Easton, Ann Rawson, Barbara Ward, Hillary Moody, Pam Cole, Ann Tyreman, Sylvia Young, Pauline Evans, Barbara Hall, Hillary Brown, Ann Wilson.

Image and names courtesy of Barry Auckland. 

Skinningrove Junior School

A view of the then Junior School at Skinningrove in the early 1960s. Barry Lancaster tells us: ”I went to school here ( 1950 to 1955 ).” Whilst Heather Long tells us: ”My grandparents Lawrence (Loy) and Mary Downs were caretakers of the school. I went there till 1962 when we moved to Skelton. They lived opposite the school for years to come. The photograph clearly shows the door down to the coke house which I loved going down to in the winter. Grandad started shovelling coke into the furnace early morning to make sure the school was as warm as it could be for the children coming in. Happy days.”

Image courtesy of Ken Loughran and thanks to Barry Lancaster and Heather Long for these updates.

Carlin How School

The new school Carlin How opened in 1907, the ceremony was performed by Colonel Legard; Chairman of the North Riding Education Committee. The builder was J. G. Porteus of Guisborough. Bill Kitching tells us: ”I attended Carlin How School when I was three years (Friday afternoons for one hour) then Baby Class at age of five years in 1927. I passed the eleven plus examination in 1933 to go to Guisborough Grammar School. The Headteacher was Miss Keen,  Baby Class teacher was Miss Richardson, Class 2 was Miss Birtwhistle, Class 3 was Miss Hall, Class 3A was Miss Stanlake and Class 4 (top class!) was Miss Thompson. Wonderful teachers!”

Whilst Derick Pearson tells us: ”I left the same year as Bob but I too remember another teacher who may have left a year or two before. Her name was Miss Keen; who Bill said was there in 1933. But I did not think she was Head Mistress, I’m certain Lena? Thompson was. Did Miss Keen step down? Somethings at the back of my mind about her going to Africa perhaps. Can anyone remember? Miss Keens class was same side and up the Hall from Miss Thompsons, Miss Potters was opposite side and Miss Garners was in the main hall too. Miss Tweddle who came much later was along the corridor in the Annex if I remember correctly. Did she take Miss Keens place perhaps?”

Bill Kitching added: “I wonder if there were two Miss Keens? My Miss Keen was Head Teacher in the 1930s. Miss Lena Thompson was from Loftus, where her father was a builder. She played badminton in the Club Hall at Carlin How and her boyfriend used to come to the school on a motorbike and sidecar.”

Bob Doe tells us: ”Miss Thompson was still Headmistress when I left in 1957. Other teachers then were Miss Garne r(Class 3), Miss Potter (Class 1) and Miss Tweddle (Class 2) I do also remember the classroom set up as Derick described.”

Ian Wilson tells us: ”According to the school logbook Miss Keen took over as Temporary Headteacher on January 6th 1914. Her appointment was confirmed on February 1st. She left on 31st October 1935. During the First World War Miss Keen made many references in the logbook to Zeppelin air raids . On the 6th of April 1916 she recorded: ‘About 2:30am there was an air raid in which the school was badly damaged by a high explosive bomb. The two front cloak rooms and the headteacher’s room were almost demolished and other serious damage done which rendered the school unfit for occupation” It remained closed until May 10th 1916.’

Alan Pearson adds to our knowledge with: ”Miss Thompson retired in 1963, succeeded as Head by Frank Whithers. Miss Potter was still there when I left in 1965.”

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison, with thanks to Bill Kitching, Bob Doe, Derick Pearson, Alan Pearson and especially Ian Wilson for the fascinating updates.

Skinningrove School

Again I need help, I know the teacher is Mrs McGingle and I know I can see Michael Yeoman seated at the front, after that I am stuck can you fill in any of the names. Please, pretty please.

Back row: Richard Smithies, ??, John Young, Mike Hallams, ??, Ronnie Cook, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Brian Locker.

Middle row: ??, Jean Whellam, Sheila Austin, ??, Margaret Welford, Elaine Cornforth, ??, Pat Rowlings?, ??, ??.

Front row: Valerie Taylor?, ??, Jean Bosomworth, ??, ??, Miss McGingle, Isabel Tyreman?, ??, Pat Harcourt, Joyce or Jean Pearson.

Front seated: Barry Husband, Joe Pearson, Michael (Pussy) Yeoman, Cyril Libby.

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison and thanks to Barbara McBurney, Bob Doe and Derick Pearson for the updates.

Skinningrove Class of 52

I was told that this is the choir of skinningrove school, were you one of the singers? Come on don’t be shy if you can’t name yourself then name some of the other students.

Back row: Dez Rodgers, John Winspear, Derek Smith, ??, Eric Rowe, Brian Yeoman, ??.

Second row: Mr Snowdon (Headmaster), ??, Pam Smith, ??, A Myers, ??, Billy Pierson, Eunice Mclean, Janet Thompson, Kathleen Hendry, Miss Proctor.

Third row: Mary Bray, Carol Shaw, ? ? Jean Walker, Carol Breckon.

Front row: ? Alderson, ?Butler, Maureen Brown, Ivy Metcalf, Audrey Cornforth, Betty Johnson.

Many thanks to Derick Pearson and Ella De Wastney (nee Brown) for the update on names.

Skinningrove School

An early photograph of the staff of Skinningrove school loaned to us by George Tremain (thanks George) he tells us that his great grandmother Miss Hall is on the left. Barbara McBurney comments: “Middle row second on left I believe was my great uncle Arthur Swales.”

Back row: Miss Hall, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Middle row: ??, Arthur Swales, ??, ??, ??.

Front row: ??, ??, ??.

Image courtesy of George Tremain and thanks to George Tremain and Barbara McBurney for the updates.

Skinningrove Senior School

Skinningrove Senior School pictured in c.1950, names provide so far are:

Back row: Mr Temple, Malcolm Vodden, Donald Halton, Peter Libby, Eric Rodgers.

Middle row: Kenneth Puckrin, Sylvia Partlett, Ivy Metcalf, Audrey Cornforth, Betty Pinkney, Pat Winter, Jean Kidd, Jean Hall, Mrs Proctor.

Front row: Brian Yeoman, George Lettin, Brian Frampton, Billy Winspear, Derek Smith, Ronnie Hall, Brian Jemson, Mary Bray.

Any information regard the shield, the occasion and where taken would be gratefully received.

Image and names courtesy of Elsie Shaw, also updates from Brian Jemson and Craig Bullock.

Skinningrove Seniors

The Archive believe that it was about 1952 when this photograph was taken.
Back row (left to right): Joe England, Brian Yeoman, Brian Jemson, Raymond Hicks, Richard Matthews, Laurence Smith, Billy Hughes.
Third row: Ann Seymour, Betty Pinkney, Eunice McLean, ??, Joy Auckland, Jean Mellor, Sheila Partlett, Isla Robinson, Lillian Wood.
Second  row: Ivy Metcalf, Pamela Smith, Mary Bray, Carol Shaw, Joan Pearson, ??, Margaret Bowers, Betty Winspear, Audrey Cornforth, Pauline Campbell.
Front row: Derick Smith, ??, Norman Trattles, Peter Libby, Billy Pearson, and Eric Rowe.
Apologies for any names incorrectly spelt and do you know any of the missing names?

Philip Ransome advised: “My mother, Joan Ransome (nee Pearson) is next to Carol Shaw”. Whilst Ann Robinson told the Archive: “I think the girl next to me (Ann Seymour) was Betty Pinkney not Ann. I worked at the ‘Top Factory’ with Philip Ransome’s mum (Joan Pearson ) and have a group photograph with her on it. Will post it on here when I find it”.
Image courtesy of Eric Husband and Eric Rowe, also thanks to Phil Ransome and Ann Robinson for the updates.

Skinningrove Juniors

Elizabeth Mellor played the queen, Ronnie McConnell the king and Derek Preston the cook, in this production at Skinningrove school. Elizabeth has told us that Mr. Sayers organised this event and took the photo. He was teaching at the school after coming out of the Army and this was a Christmas production. Mr Tom Sayers has provided an update: “Yes, I took the photograph. It was a Christmas play. I had served in the RAF, not the Army though.”

Image and information courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor; thanks to Mr Sayers for the update.

Skinningrove School c 1933

Miss Skingle and Mr. Donkin with the boys at Skinningrove Senior School, about 1933.

Back row: Miss Skingle, Tom Wilkinson, Harold Bowling, Bill Robinson, Eddie Husband, Bill Smith, Isaac Page, J. R. Simpson, Arthur Preston, Jack Alderson, Ernie Jefferson, Mr Donkin.

Middle row: Clive Watson, Fred Mogridge, Richard Webster, Raymond Carveth, George Hill, Harry Jacobs, Harry Binks, Roger Forrest, Richard Archer.

Front row: Roland Heseltine, Albert Milner, ??, Donald Metcalf, Edward Dale, Bill Andrew, Tom Lettin, George Last, Fred Robinson, Les Appleton.

 Image and names courtesy of Arthur Preston.