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Guisborough Grammar School Form 1 Alpha – 1966

Guisborough Grammar School’s Form 1 Alpha gathered in 1966 for the class photograph: Back row: Alan Wright, Graham Hodgson, Anthony Ward, Steve Wright, Barry Miller, Pete Sanchez, Andy Over, Seth Liddle, Michael Champney.

Middle row: Dave Shorten, Alan Trigg, Peter Madden, Ken Tod, Ralph Levy, Steve Walker, John ‘Sprout’ Houghton, Peter Mason, Alan Pearson, Graham Ormerod.

Front row: Andrew Holman, Andrew Day, Sean O’Rourke, Peter Thomas, Mr Anderson (Form Teacher), Michael Pearce, Tony ‘Tosh’ Smith, Robert ‘Scratch’ Ward, Andrew Tyas.

Andrew Day who sent the Archive has memories this time: “I started at Guisborough Grammar School in January 1966 and was plonked in form 1 Alpha. It was a bit of a baptism of fire for our family. We moved from Southend on Sea to Guisborough in that dreadful winter of 1966. I started at Guisborough Grammar School and my sister one year my senior went to the Laurence Jackson School. We were ribbed mercilessly at first at school due largely I believe because of our southern accents. Still, as time moved on we grew to be accepted and our times in North Yorkshire became a very rich and rewarding time for us all, especially our mother who to the day she died, wanted to move back north.”

Image and names to date courtesy of Andrew Day, thanks to John Poulter and Steve Walker for completing the naming.

And the Last One

That is of course unless you have any more to loan us.
Back row: Simon Wilson, David Garrett, Steven Rodgers, Barry Halls.

Front row:  Gillian Halstead, Robin Oliver, Vaughan Dexter (Tutor), Catherine Brown, Janice Cole.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Back row: Trevor Detheridge, Andrew Coward, John holiday, Bruce Miller, Lee Ingleby.

Front row: Elizabeth Mellor, Anne Dove, David Stephenson, Mike Gee, Ruth White, Angela Crystal, Anne Reece.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor.

Is Your Name Here?

Back row: Stewart Walker, Steve Hunt, David Goodwill, Leonard Vickery.

Front row: Peter Wadham, Barbara Durnie, Mr Pierson, Alexandra Guilfoyle, David Peacock,.
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, she also kindly supplied the names. Thanks to Alan Moss for the update.

All Present.

Those students present for this photograph are given as:

Back row: Michael Rowan, David Hemsworth, Peter Lund, Ian Liddle,  David ?.
Front row: Fiona Pealing, Marion Weir, Valerie Crooks, Peter Limon (Tutor), David Shields, Gillian Severs, Marilyn Madden.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor and thanks to John Howarth for the name update.

Ladies Too.

Back row: Ian Partlett, John Kierny, John Yajima, Peter Crisp, Robert Hamilton, Andre Riley, Peter Graham.
Front row: Katherine Gibson, Ann Cleaver, Mr Thompson, Sarah Terry, Susan Barnard.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, who also kindly supplied the names.

Names Are Missing, Help.

Prior Pursglove again can you fill in the missing names.
Back row: ??, Ian Webster, ? Holmes, Simon Frost, Richard Harbottle, C Scafe.
Front row: Rob Speck, Janet Hodgeson, Mr Morgan, Alan Moss, Eric Wilson.
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Andy Coward and Alan Moss for the updates.

Prior Pursglove Again.

A small group this time, Alan Moss suggests: “All these photographs from the top to this one must have been taken in either 1972 or 1973. Paul Mcgrath, Peter Abrahams, Steve Hunt, Steve Rogers, me and a few of the girls, were the first intake of kids from the Laurence Jackson School to the newly created Prior Pursglove College in 1972.” 
Back row: Mark Wheeler, Paul Mcgrath, Richard Watson, David Drinkall.
Front row: Peter Abrahams, Jacqueline Stockton, Alec Jenkins, Susan Langridge, Malcolm Watson.

Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Alan Moss for the dating update, also to Paul Mcgrath for the update.

Were You At Prior Pursglove?

Quite a large group here and the names are:
Back row: ‘Chubb Riches, Peter Jackson, Roy Lucas, Frank Wetherall, Mr Noble, Vaughan Dexter, Mr Thompson, Gilbert Cain, Mr Lynch, Ernest Bradford, Shaun King.
Middle row: Mr Wainwright, Keith Mitchell, Peter Limon, David Myers, Michael Gee, Mr Moran, Mr Pierson, Mark Penty, Michael Tailby, Carl Dunn, Alec Jenkins, Ronald Rudd, Mr Gibben.
Front Row: Mrs Susan Brown, Mrs Josie Etches, Miss Brown, Mrs Farrington, Geoffrey Farrington, Mr Windass, Miss Jean Stafford, Mr W.P. Cooper, Mrs Heal, Mrs Brown, Mrs Getters.

Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Bob Doe for pointing out our mistake and Susan Brown for the confirmation. Thanks to Robert Banfield for pointing out mistakes.

Prior Pursglove

Are you on this photograph loaned to us, by Elizabeth Mellor? If so can you give us some names and a date would be good. Joan Jemson advises: “Some of the names are: Andrew Welford, David Barnes, Rex Poulson, Giles Burton, Martin Jones, Steven Benner, ? Swales, Christine Joanes, Mark ?, Gillian Pierson, Timothy Hall.” However can anybody assist in their placings in this image?

Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Steve Hunt, David Barnes, Andrew Welford.

Front row: Steven Benner, Christine Joanes, Mark Penty (tutor), Gillian Pierson, ??.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Joan Jemson, Alan Moss, Andy Coward and Janis Bonner  for the updates on names.