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Form 4-2 June 1964

Loftus County Modern School, Form 4-2 pictured in June 1964. However spellings may be a name is missing, our donor advises: “The names on the back of the photograph are written in pencil, sorry for any wrong spelling and the missing name, it was a long time ago and sadly we have lost a few class mates.”

Back row: Peter Pearson, David Young, Malcolm Walker, Peter Smith, Jeff Todd, Mike Winfindale, Mike Morrison, Jeff Layborn, Alwin Stiff, Frank Ferguson.

Middle row: Brenda Whattern, Jean Marley, Dennis Bowers, Terry Robinson, Brian Wright, Ian Hall, Marian Bird, Janet Lumley.

Front row: Dot Jackson, Jean Atkinson, Marilyn Robinson, Valerie Bunting, Mr Parker (Form Teacher), Ann Armstrong, Jennifer McLean, Kathleen Scott, Carol Brown.

Image and details courtesy of Jennifer Housam, thanks to Terry Robinson for the update.

Rosecroft School Cricket Team – 1973

In 1973, Rosecroft School’s Cricket team are proudly photographed.

Back row: Mike Newton, Mark Wilson, Eric Sayer, Steve Gale, Peter Jones, Colin Chisholm, Colin Jefferson.

Front row: Kevin Gates, Trevor Legg, Peter Hart, Collin Locker, John Prteston, Calvin Champion, Ricky Halton.

Image and names courtesy of John Preston, thanks to Ricky Halton for the update.

Rosecroft School Prefects 1975

Pictured in 1975 are the Prefects of Rosecroft School, Loftus; with Mr Jordan (Headmaster).

Back row: Kevin Gates, Steve Gale, Ian Sykes.

Middle row: ??, Ruth Fowle, Allison Hall, John Preston, Ricky Halton, Ian Atkinson, Colin Chisholm, Judith Nicholson, Judith Smithies, Margaret Collins.

Front row: Susan Stonehouse, Colin Locker, Susan Jackson, Mark Wilson, Mr. Lewis Jordan (Headmaster), Elizabeth Thornton, Peter Jones, Elaine Stanforth, Peter Hart.

Image and names to date courtesy of John Preston, thanks to Gillian Halton for the update.

School Group

Mrs Archer loaned us this photograph of a class at Rosecroft school but no dates and apart from identifying the teacher as Mr Keith Staines, no names were given. Can you date and name this photograph? Ian Atkinson believes: “The girl on the left hand end of the middle row was called Julie Easton.”

Image courtesy of Lee Archer, thanks to Ian Atkinson for the update.

Rosecroft Pantomime

Rosecroft School, help is needed with names, year, and show.

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison.


Prince Charles visiting Rosecroft School March 1994, The green Bentley to the right of the image was used to transport around East Cleveland after arriving on the school field in a helicopter, he later visited Skinningrove and the then Tom Leonard Mining Museum. David Myers tells us: ” I remember shaking his hand and pictures being in the Whitby Gazette. I think someone also asked if we could have the rest of the day off. He was visiting I believe because of the Princes Trust student support centre which had been set up.”

Image courtesy of Celia Parrish and thanks to David Myers for the update.

Is It A Bird or Is it A Bee?

No! It’s the helicopter bringing Prince Charles to Rosecroft School in 1994. The third B could be the Bentley in the centre which was  the road transport for Prince Charles! Later that day he also travelled to and viewed the Tom Leonard Mining Museum ( now more better known as Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum), in Skinningrove.
Image courtesy of Celia Parrish.

Loftus County Modern – Form 4 – 1964

Form 4 in 1964 with their teacher Miss Fearie.

Back row: Keith Morrison, David Archer, Tony Lawson, Richard Shippey, Charles Hurbert, Geoffrey Collinson, Arnold Lancaster, Neville Rodgerson, James Welford, David Dale.

Middle row: Carol Stamford, Glynis Verril, Iris Stout, Hilda Taylor, Mike Smith, Geoffrey Webb, Denise Trussler, Jean Roberts, Marjorie Tyreman, Betty Wheatman.

Front row: Brenda Marshall, Jean Sayers, Jean Harrison, Susan Walker, Miss Faerie (Form Teacher) Carol Covell, Olwyn Andrew, Marion Rutland, Margaret Evans.

Image and names courtesy of Ray Brown.

Rosecroft School

This image of Rosecroft School (although when it was taken would be known as Loftus County Modern School) was from the calendar of 1965 – both school and calendar – long gone now.
Image courtesy of Colin Hart.

Loftus County Modern 1964

Once again names are needed; are you in the photograph?

Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Pete Howes.

Middle row: Mavis Duck, Anne Greensmith, ??, ??, Colin Stainthorpe, David Hart, ??, ??, ??, Kathleen Bradley.

Front row: Ann Whiteley, Catherine Dewsbury, ??, Jacqueline Roberts, Anne Cuthbert, Mr Varney (Teacher), Jean Brown, ??, Lynne Dyke, Anne Dewsbury (Catherine’s twin), Irene Dowson.

Image courtesy of Colin Hart and thanks to Pete Howes, Pat Sparkes, Lynne Lancaster (Dyke) and Barbara McBurney for names to date.