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Charltons Mission Football Team

A further request for assistance! Jim Farmery having contacted the Archive regarding: “This is my grandad Ernest Farmery in goal for Charltons Mission Football team – don’t know the year but would appreciate any information? My Dad was born in Guisborough in a mining family living in Charltons terrace as he called it. I’d love to know more about my Cleveland heritage – my Dad was really proud of where he came from and his family. He was one of four lads all born in the area – Eric (my dad) and uncles Alan, Gordon and Cyril. My gran (his mum) was called Beatrice May Farmery (nee Craig. His Grandad was called Ezekiel Craig and they lived in Charltons Terrace – he was a lead miner from the Lake District who move to Cleveland in the 1870s to the work in the ironstone mines. My dad became a deputy in an ironstone mine in Lincolnshire where I grew up.”

Can anybody assist in this intriguing family history search?

Image and information courtesy of Jim Farmery.

Smith’s Dock Ladies Football Team?

Another mystery which the Archive would welcome assistance with: the photograph above came to the Archive from Bryan Stubbs who asked for help identifying the members of this ladies football team, a possible date and location. the information Bryan can supply is: “I came across this photograph when clearing out my mother’s things recently after her death. The lady in the centre with the ball is my mother’s mother, my grandma. She was born in 1901 and was called Leah Margaret Edwards, becoming Stimpson when she married in 1922. I know she worked at one time for Smith’s Dock, painting ships and lived in South Bank but I can’t find out whether this is Smith’s Dock Ladies football team. She may have played for other teams in the area as well. Also what is the event. There seems to be quite a crowd in the background!”

After discussions with fellow Editors it has been suggested that the location might be the old Middlesbrough ground at Ayresome Road; also the team strip might be that of Bolckow Vaughan. Please can anybody assist in solving this mystery both for the Archive and Bryan Stubbs?

Image courtesy of Bryan Stubbs.

Bolckow Vaughan Ladies Football Team 1918

Bolckow Vaughan Ladies Football Team 1918

Described as the Runners Up in the Ladies Munitionette Cup in 1918, these ladies would make a valuable contribution to the World War I industry. The team is also named.
Back row: Emily Milner, Amelia Farrell, Greta Kirk, Violet Sharples.
Front row: Elizabeth Powell, Mary Mohan, Mercy Page, Winnie McKenna, Gladys Reece, Florence Short, Anne Wharton.

Joyce Henry tells us: ”This picture shows my Grandma Elizabeth Powell Front row extreme left kneeling, she later be Freeman.”
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, identification via ”Grangetown in Times Past”; thanks to Joyce Henry for the update. Whilst Paul Boden tells us: ”I have the same photograph and the information I have is that the lady that is seated second from the right is Florence O Hanlon (nee Short) Florence was the younger sister of William Henry Short VC. Florence and William were first cousins of my mother Caroline Boden (nee Short).”; thanks to Paul for that update.

Guisborough Football Club 1905

Guisborough Football Club 1905

We have names for all the members of this 1905 team for Guisborough, but we particularly like the two gentlemen on the right, complete with bowler hats!

Back row: A. Old, G. Stevenson, T. Smith, J. Kirkconell, H. Mann, W. G. Batterbee, C. Peacock (Captain), J. Coulthard, W. Pybus, H. Bowmaker.
Front row: R. Wright, T. Pattinson, R. Williams, T. Darnton, W. Pearson, A. Williams, C. B. Robson (Trainer).
Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson & Keith Bowers.

Stanghow Lane School – Football Team

Stanghow Lane School - Football Team

Stanghow Lane School Football Team of 1949.

Back row: A Tilley, Tony Calvert, B Ness, Dennis Preston, Barry Bloomfield, David Hick, Mr Joe Reed, H Breeze.

Front row: Jeff Templeman, Gordon Templeman, David Lowe, Keith Gosling, Maurice Ferrer, B Addison.

Bill Danby tells us (courtesy of his History of Skelton website) about Joe Reed who is the teacher in this photograph (he was headmaster when Stanghow Lane closed in 1961) –  ”Joe Reed DFC, who flew with Bomber Command as a navigator in the Second World War and was one of the few who survived. He finished his service as a Squadron Leader and Navigator Instructor.”
Image courtesy Jeff Templeman; many thanks to Bill for that update and Dennis Preston for the update on names.

Loftus Albion

Loftus Albion

Loftus Albion playing at home, Whitby Road ground; in black and white striped shirts. They reached the semi final of the F.A. Amateur Cup, from the Cleveland League. Narrowly losing to Bishop Auckland 2 -1 after leading through a Bobby Pitt goal. They were accepted into the Northern League on the strengh of this performance.
Photo courtesy Alan Richardson.

Middlesbrough Football Club 1907 – 08

Middlesbrough F.C. team from the season 1907/08. One name is missing (in the torn part of the card); T. Wilson to the right of J. Thackery.
More famous of those pictured are Alf Common, the first £1,000 Transfer player in the English League in 1905; and Steve Bloomer with a transfer fee of £750 in 1906 Both these international players are seated either side of Lieutenant Colonel Gibson Poole; Chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club for many years.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

Brickies Bury Cup

Not the clearest of photographs and again we asked for names. Tony informs us: ”Names copied from same picture in pastimes football section.” Richard Barnes also supplied some names commenting: ” I scored our only goal, we got beat 3-1! Sadly Phil Wilks has now died.”

Back row: Richard Barnes, Barry Thomas, Terry Dove, Philip Wilks, Billy Jackson, Micky Wilson, Colin Marshall.

Front row: Stephen Hines, Norman Smithers, Lampton Shepherd, Norman Breeze, Eric Taylor.

Image courtesy of  Colin Hart who would like any information on the Bury cup that you may have; also thanks to Tony and Richard Barnes for completing the names.

Footballers From The Senior School

Skinningrove school was where these budding footballers were from and some of the names are:-
Back row: Derick Garbutt, Donald Hatton, Brian Ferguson, Billy Winspear, ??, George Lettin.
Middle row: Micheal Buckingham, John Anderson, Arthur woodrow, Brian Soloman, Norman Hill.
Seated: ??,  Lawrence Smith.
Image courtesy of Maureen Anderson.

Carlin How Rovers


1927 or there abouts was the date of this photograph and the names of the men are,
Back row (left to right): ??, W. Driver, ‘Brom’ Williams, J. Hope, T. Gell.
Middle row: A. Goldby, Don Welford, G. Hall, A. Hall, William Carveth, J. Grimstead, L. Nicholson.
Front row: M. Martin, J. Nicholson, N. Leeks, ‘Pop’ Richards, Jim Grimstead.

Ann Robinson tells us: “Don Welford was my Dad. This photograph was taken before he lost his right arm in a works accident at Skinningrove steel works”.
Can anybody assist with the missing name?

Image courtesy of Maureen Anderson and many thanks to Ann Robinson for the update.