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Britannia Terrace, Brotton (early 1950s)

A postcard by Frith, taken from Chemist’s Corner looking towards The Green Tree, with The Blood Tub and War Memorial on the right. Although entitled The Avenue, most will be aware that the terrace in the foreground, extending from the pub is actually Britannia Terrace. The Avenue starts from the break in the house line at the far end of Britannia Terrace. Norman Patton thinks the photograph was taken in Coronation Year – 1953.  Anybody think different? Ray Brown informs us ”If the date of early to mid fifties is correct, then the house with the aerial on is that of the Pub Landlord Freddy Harrison, next door to this is the home of Mary Sanderson (my wife’s grandmother) who lived there from about 1915 to 1965 when she died and the last small property would be the home of George Cuthbert and his son Reg; Reg actually lived in this house when all three houses plus the Pub were put up for auction in 1970 – Reg at the time was paying 9/3d rent per week (with the Landlord paying the rates)”.
Image courtesy of Raymond Brown; also thanks to Ian Wilson for the update on the landlord of the Blood Tub.

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