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‘Kilton’ at Skinningrove

‘Kilton’ being the name of the shunting engine busily moving wagons at Skinningrove Works in 1963.

Image and details courtesy of Robert Goundry, thanks to Terry Robinson for the update.

Skinningrove Works

A pre-war photograph of Skinningrove Works.

A George Skilbeck postcard courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

Steel Works Carlin How

Under what seems to be a stormy sky the steel works appears to be a dark and dismal place. Blake’s ’Satanic mills’ again spring to mind. Sheila Cotterill asks: “My grandmother Mary Ann Pearson/Glasper/Bell was during World War II employed at the steel works as overhead crane driver, does anyone have any information on this?”

Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson and Keith Bowers; can any one assist with Sheila Cotterill’s researches.

Showing the Foundry’s Range

The moulder shows foundry products, he is holding a fire grate; on the left is a manhole grating. A substantional castings contract was made for the construction of Scaling Dam in the 1950s. But the days of the small iron casting foundry were nearly over. The site is now used by a firm making wrought iron ornamental railings etc.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson.

Moulder at Work

Preparing a mould, in sand, the top half of the moulding block is on the left ready to be clamped to the completed casting. Observing behind the moulder is Robin Wilson.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson.

Loftus Foundry on Tour

An exhibition of Zetland Foundry was held at Whitby sometime in the 1950s. A selection of foundry products were on display; manager Oliver Wilson on the left. Moulders name is unknown, help is required.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson.

Do You Remember Mick the Dog?

The foundry workers pose with a selection of pipes and troughs for the new Skinningrove Furnace.
Ted Kilvington (seated), ? Dickson (beret), Donald Goldstraw, Gordon Leeks, Isaac (Rusty )Jackson. Kelly ?, Mr Oliver Wilson (Manager), Pinkie White with Mick the dog, Alan (Charlie) Thompson, Alan Starsmore, John Shaw, Syd Cockburn, George Barry, Ron Leist (seated on pipe). Most of the names from an article in Loftus Town Crier by Mary Shaw (nee Bielby). B. Jenkins adds: “Yes I do remember Micky, a great little ratter.” Can you help fill in the blanks.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson and thanks to B. Jenkins for the update about Micky.

Clean Up Time

“Fettling” the first trough cast for Skinningrove new furnace. Left to right: Lionel, Alan, “Rusty”, Syd and Donald.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson.

The First Casts

On the casting floor – preparing moulds for casting – Beamish Museum expressed an interest in the venerable hand operated overhead crane in this photograph.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson.

Ready for Action

The canopy and charging platform are ready for use.

Image courtesy of Robin Wilson.