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Locomotive 63431 on Crag Hall Turntable

Locomotive 63431 on the Crag Hall turntable whilst part of the Q6 Rail Tour. This must have attracted many eager photographers, judging by this image and others in the selection.

Image and details courtesy of Robert Goundry.

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  • J Gauden

    BR Ncle Signal Box incident report – 20th April, 1960. At 3.44pm a class J from the West to Killingworth (34 wagons) Eng 63431 driver of Blaydon over ran signal 148 and became de-railed on 481 points. Damage amounted to tender and four driving wheels derailed. Tool vans arrived from Gateshead at 4.42 pm and re-railed the engine at 5.41pm.the re-railed engine was hauled back onto the proper road and departed for Blaydon under its own power at 5.58pm.very slight delays to traffic in general.

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