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Recent Comments


Liverton Mines Miners 1921

This cutting part of Mervyn’s collection of images shows a selection of surface workers for Liverton Mine. The Archive would welcome any information about the cutting and possible additional information about those featured (the Archive can already trace several through the 1911 Census).

Image (a cutting from ‘The Cleveland Standard’ dated 24th January 1951) courtesy of Mervyn Brown, thanks to John Knaggs for the dating information.

Lumpsey Surface Workers

There is some doubt about this image, whether it is of Lumpsey mine surface workers or is it Skinningrove works? The archive would again welcome comments as to who might be in the photograph and where the photograph was taken.

Image courtesy of Geoff Kitching.

Huntcliffe Surface Workers

This image (from a postcard produced by J. E. Huntrodd of Brotton) is of surface workers from Huntcliffe mine, the clue is in their clothing and particularly their trousers. When supplied (by Geoff Kitching) he commented about atleast two people in the image can also be found in the image ‘Lumpsey 2’. The gentleman on the back row (now known to be Mr Ralph Clough, Mine Engineer) he was at Huntcliffe and  moved to Lumpsey; also the miner in the front row (with a terrier dog) also features in the same Lumpsey image. There may be other matches but leave it to eagle-eyed viewers to assist. Any assistance with names would be welcomed. 

Image courtesy of Geoff Kitching, with researches courtesy of Tom Kitching .

North Loftus Mine and Miners

When first sent to the Archive, this image was believed to be of miners in the late 19th century or early 20th century at Loftus mine, this was based on the building in the background. Researches have revealed that the structure is possibly part of the original North Loftus mine; this was inside Skinningrove Works. The building is visible in many images of the works and the roof windows bear an uncanny resemblance to those in this image, hence the title. However, the Archive would welcome comments or information to assist or verify which mine this is!

Image courtesy of Geoff Kitching.

Danny Found and Loftus Mine Workers

The Archive has been sent this image of what is believed to be North Loftus (Skinningrove) Mine workers, it is believed that both Danny Found and Harold Found are in the photograph. Can anybody help?

Left to right: ??, ??, ??, Danny Found, Miff Magor, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Image courtesy of Eileen Found, thanks to Judith Downes for the update.

Bell’s Pit Miners – 1935

Bell’s Pit miners leaving the mine in 1935. Joe Metcalfe is identified as holding the handrail at the bottom of the steps. Joe lived at 14 Bell’s Huts in the 1930’s; with his wife Clara Jane and George, who was possibly his brother. Can anybody assist with names of the other miners? Margaret Stafford has advised the Archive: “I am pretty sure the 1st miner at the bottom of the stairs, smiling and looking straight at the camera) is my uncle John (known as Jack of course!) Hicks, born 1909 and then living in Wood Street Carlin How. By 1939 he was living in Loftus, still a miner; married to Mary Hebron with two sons. He died in 1977.His father and father in law were also ironstone miners as were many of my extended family around Marske, New Marske, Skelton.”

Image and details courtesy of Trevor Metcalfe (grandson of Joe Metcalfe), thanks to Margaret Stafford for the update.

Demolition of Liverton Mine Chimney


We have another copy of the demolition of the chimney at Liverton Mine, which gives the date of the event as Tuesday 24th August 1926. But it is interesting to compare the quality of the two images; our original  ’Liverton Mine’ is of much poorer quality!
Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection.

Skinningrove Mine at Deepdale


This image of the mine predates the installation of the aerial ropeway to the ironworks. The picking belt and trestle bridge to the North Loftus shaft are clearly seen.
Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection.

“Workers V.C.”

The Daily Herald instituted the Order of Industrial Heroism to recognise the ”Deeds of Valour” of those workers who had saved their fellow workers from danger of death. This became known as the ”Workers V.C.” Many of the recipients were awarded posthumously and also received other awards including the George Cross, George Medal and Royal Humane Society Medal. Just over 400 Workers V.C.s were ever awarded. J.M. Easton (Overman at Loftus Mine, Skinningrove) was presented with the Medal at the Union Council Middlesbrough on 14th December 1946. He was the 177th recipient.

Image and information courtesy of TUC.

Skinningrove Mine and Loftus Valley

A panorama of Skinningrove valley. The mine is on the left, with Overmen’s cottages next to the trestle bridge which crosses the beck to the drift into the bottom of Loftus North mine, the shaft used to hoist ironstone to the works. On the left the white enclosure of the newly built picking belt (1907), for cleaning the ironstone can be seen. Towards Mill bank, the mine rail sidings cross the beck this was originally extended to the old Whitecliffe mine. Kilton Viaduct is yet to be filled in, with Liverton mine above it. and the rail zig zag skirts the right hand side down the valley.

Image courtesy of Jean Carass.