Plenty of Seats Left

100 Years St

The crowds still gather to take their seats at the Centenary Celebrations, where you there? Tell us you memories of this special day.

100 Years and Counting

100 Years and Counting

The stalls await the eager browsers outside the school, a lovely day for a wonderful event. The sun shone and everybody came to celebrate.

100 Years Old For a Well Loved School

100 Years Celebrations for St Joseph's School

Although St Joseph’s had moved from Deepdale Road to Rosecroft Lane, it was appropriate that the centenary should be celebrated, a well loved school deserves recognition.

100 Years St Joseph's

100 Years St Joseph's

Mayor Eric Jackson (himself a former pupil of St Joseph’s in Deepdale Road) was an honoured guest at the celebrations.

Were You Here?

Were You Here?

A photograph from the celebrations of St Josephs school centenary in 2008. The original St Joseph’s opened in Deepdale Road 12th June 1906; moving to the Rosecroft Lane building in 1968.

Can you find anyone on the photo you know?

Please tell us the names

St Joseph’s, 1920/21

St Joseph's, 1920/21

A photograph of a class at St Joseph’s School on Deepdale Road.

Back row, (l-r): Miss Webb (teacher), Joe Baldwin, ??, Betty Readman, Annie Shimmings, ??, Jenny Kerno, William Nicholson, ??, ??, Mary Garbutt, ??, Father Machan.

3rd row, (l-r): Ronald Duck, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Dorothy Duffy, Elsie Duffy, ? McCabe, ??, Frank Swales, ??.

2nd row, (l-r): ??, ??, ??, ??, Jane Swales, ??, ??, Teresa Vincent, Agnes Bice, Mary Pass, ??, ??, ??, Joan Ransome.

Front Row, (l-r): ??, ??, Maura Lavelle, Connie or Molly Logan, ??, ??, Molly or Connie Logan.

Image courtesy of Joe Ward.

2.St Joseph's, 1920/21

2.St Joseph's, 1920/21

Father Machan has joined this class for their photo.  We don’t know the teacher’s name and the only children’s names that we have are:-

Back row:   ……………..

3rd row: (l-r) …………… 8.Alice Swales ……….

2nd row:  …………………..

Front row: (l-r) ……. 3.Frank Bice …………………..9.George Baldwin

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph and names so far.

St Joseph’s, 1946

St Joseph's, 1946

Miss Walker with her class in 1946.

Back row, l-r: Joe Ward, ??, Fred Miller, Tony Jackson, Colin Raspinson

2nd row, l-r: Mike Baldwin, Michael Smith?, Frank Miller, Freda Dunn, Maureen Dunn, Ray Howe, Joe Cush, Ray Moon

3rd row, l-r: M.Moon, ??, Sheila Atkinson, K. Sanderson, C.Martin, Margaret Roe, ??, S.Readman

Front: A.Wood, J.Tyreman, I.Purver

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph and information, also John Malone for the update.

St Joseph's Relay Team, 1953

St Joseph's Relay Team, 1953

The relay team, l-r: Tony Jackson, Tony Raspison, Alan Lightfoot and Joe Ward, are pictured with the Area Shield that they won.

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photo and information.

St Joseph's Football Team, 1953

St Joseph's Football Team, 1953

Back row, l-r:   Joe Tyreman, Eric Starsmore, Bernard Welford, Eric Jackson, Joe Cush, Alan Lightfoot, Keith Lantsbury

Front row,l-r:   Willie Walker, Tony Raspison, Tony Jackson, Joe Ward, Tony Walker,

Teacher:  Joe Faye

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph and information.