Pupils On Their Own.

Believed to be Mr Foster’s Class in 1975? But were you there?

Back row: Ruth ?, Tracy Brown, Karen Franks, Paula Park, Sue Pearson, Katherine Riley, Sally Stonehouse, Lynne Janicki, Eileen Byers, Stephanie Auckland, Jane Forrest, Mandy Garbutt, Julie Allinson, Julie Hollingsworth.

Middle row: Alison Brown, Lynne Kentfield, Alison Anderson, Helen Dewsbury, ??, ??, Stephen Housam, Andrew Urban, Karl Noble, Tony Mead, David Porritt.

Front row: Carol Todd, Mark Basham, Paul Bint, Christopher Smith, Keith Jefferson, David Hall, Martin Butters, William Kitchener, David Stephenson, Edwin Sawdon.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; with thanks to Jeff Allinson, Karen Franks (via Alan Franks), TomWebster and Martin Richardson for names updates.

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