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Happy Retirement

Do you remember the 79 United service? The bus serves as an excellent back drop to the presentation for Doreen Wesson on her retirement after 37 years of working all at the United Loftus Bus Depot. Who else can you recognise in the photograph?

Pictured are: ??, ??, Eric Jackson, Joan Soloman, Irene ? ‘Flossy’, Doreen Wesson, Jenny Campbell, Ken Meehan (Depot Manager).

Image (from a newspaper clipping) courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Ray Brown for the update.

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  • Raymond Brown

    The person to the right of Eric Jackson is Joan Soloman, the girl on the bus steps is Irene ? know more to many as “Flossy” & the person between Dot & the Depot manager is Jenny Campbell; by the way the service became 279 – as indicated on the Layland national Bus in the picture (Loftus to the Redcar Lakes estate).

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