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Quoits Again

A different group of men but still with their quoits, at Skinningrove but who are the men?

Back row: Henry Tyler, James Wheatman, ??.

Front row: Albert Wilson, William (Rastus) Ashwell, Johnny Magor, Freddy Moggridge, Dick Garner, James Kaye.
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Craig Bullock, Keith Wheatman and A. N. Andrew for the updates.

Quoits Cups

A group of smartly dressed men all ready for the photographer proudly displaying the cups, once again it is Skinningrove. Colin Hart has told us: ”These are members of Skinningrove Workingmen’s Club and Institute, winners of  several Quoits Cups and they are (viewing left to right) North of England Amateur Quoits Club Association Championship 1938, League Cup 1938 and Whitby Cup 1938”. They had a good year! In earlier years the team were North of England League Champions (Quoits) 1929 and North of England Cup Winners 1930; whilst Richard Wheatman was North of England Quoits Singles Champion in 1933, 1936 and 1938.

Back row; William (Bronco)Holliday, Lou Hall, James (Peps) Wheatman, F. Hall,  James (Baggy) Ward (President), Harold Walker, N. (Honce) House, G. A. (Gilly) Glover.

Front row: Fred Smith, Richard (Dick) Wheatman (Vice Captain), Tom Hall (Captain), Richard (Dick) Garner, William (Billy) Flinton.

Polly Clinton advises: “Dick Wheatman was my grandad, who unfortunately passed away in January 1983.He often talked about his quoits playing days with fond memories. The Wheatman family moved to Grimethorpe near Barnsley, South Yorkshire around 1945 as far as I am aware. My dad Raymond and his remaining siblings still live in the Barnsley area. My dad has a photograph of his dad, Dick and his uncle Jim on the quoits team.” Whilst Keith Wheatman adds: “Fourth from left at the back is probably my grandad James (Jim) Wheatman. I was very young when he passed away so I cannot be entirely sure. Handsome chap though. I think I am related to Polly through my great uncle Dick. I do vaguely remember occasional visits from the relatives in Grimethorpe. Nice to see that the family is still thriving!”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection,  Especial thanks to Colin Hart and Danny Found (via Eileen Found) for completing the names list and the reason for all the cups. Thanks to James Wheatman, Keith Wheatman and Polly Clinton for the updates.

Skinningrove Quoits Clubs

This photograph is actually displayed at the Tom Leonard Mining Museum and the names have now been deciphered. There is one problem; it is possible that the middle and front rows have an additional person on each – note the alteration in the image, hopefully someone can advise? 

Back row: F. Smith, W. Flinton, G. A. Glover, G. W. Glover, F. Ward, F. Hall, W. Magor.

Middle row: J. R. Eggleston, G. A. Pinkney, J. Winspear, D. Tyler, J. Harker, G. Ward, F. Shaw, J. Wheatman, G. Webster.

Front row: W. Andrew, J. Saunby, T. Hall, R. Wheatman, T. Ward, J. Pasco, E. Simpson, G. Breckon, J. Richards.

Cups (left to right): Club Union Cup 1929-30, North of England League Champions 1929, Whitby Challenge Cup 1930. Colin Hart has assisted with: “From a photograph at Land of Iron; middle row far right G Webster, front row far right J Richards.

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, thanks to Colin Hart for the missing names.