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Carlin How Bowls Team 1962

Carlin How Bowls team shown displaying the trophy having won Cleveland Bowls League in 1962.

Standing (Left to right): George Smith, Bill Harrison, Tommy Watson, Les Smith, Bob Welford, Cyril Robinson, Bob Goldby,  Lawson Thornton, Fred Ward.

Seated: Jack (Dick) Williams,   Mrs Robinson, Harry Tilburn, Jack Blenkey, Mrs Butterworth, Mr Butterworth.

Each side of the trophy, left: George Dart, right: Alan Robson.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre; thanks to Colin Verrill and Brian Goldby for names and details of the trophy and year.

Carlin How Bowls Team

Hope the brain isn’t worn out,  more help needed with the names of these bowling gents. Pictured with their bowls on the green are: ??, Jack William Scott, ? Blenkey, Bob Butterworth. Gary Wilson advised: “Regarding photograph of Carlin How bowls team; second from left is Jack William Scott, my great grandad.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, thanks to Derick Pearson and Gary Wilson for assistance with names.

Bowls Club, Carlin How

Another photograph from the jubilee brochure of Carlin How Working  Men’s Club, this time taken on the bowling green. We asked: “We are sure you will be able to tell us the names of some of the men there?” Derick Pearson told us: “First left is Norman Robinson, Dennis Preston, Jack Verrill; kneeling Mr Carveth and Jack Dredge., Standing Jim Nicholson. Group on right: first left standing is Bill Harrison (nicknamed Mellon or Lemon); far right Mr Husband. Mrs Bob Butterworth and ? Blenkey sat on seat.”

Thanks to Derick Pearson for names update.