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Stanghow Lane County Modern School, 1959

First year at Stanghow Lane in 1959; assistance with names and date, please?
Back row: Harry Craig, Philip Metcalfe, Brian Dale, Stephen Bunker, Steven Laker, Jeff Bales, Les Johnson, Alan Scott.
Third row: Michael Hudson, Ian Turnbull, Kevin Drinkhall, Neil Drury, Jeff Coates,  John Carter, John Hannah, Joe Bannister.
Second row: Dennis Housam, Tina Scott, Betty Agar?, Sheila Riddiough, Anthea Dunn, Wendy Holmes, Felicity Holmes, Barbara Green, Felicity Staward, ??, Michael Crame.
First row: Kathleen Laker, ??, Pauline Thirling, ??, ??, Mrs Margaret Scott (Teacher), Caroline Batterbee, Susan Jessop, Jean Whiteley, Norma Readman, V Taylor.
Image and some names courtesy of John G. Hannah, also thanks to Dennis Housam (via Jennifer) and Brian Hamilton-Dale for the updates on names.

Stanghow Lane School – Football Team

Stanghow Lane School Football Team of 1949.

Back row: A. Tilley, Tony Calvert, B. Ness, Dennis Preston, Barry Bloomfield, David Hick, Mr Joe Reed, H. Breeze.

Front row: Jeff Templeman, Gordon Templeman, David Lowe, Keith Gosling, Maurice Ferrer, B. Addison.

Bill Danby tells us (courtesy of his History of Skelton website) about Joe Reed who is the teacher in this photograph (he was headmaster when Stanghow Lane closed in 1961) –  ”Joe Reed DFC, who flew with Bomber Command as a navigator in the Second World War and was one of the few who survived. He finished his service as a Squadron Leader and Navigator Instructor.”

Image courtesy Jeff Templeman; many thanks to Bill Danby for that update and Dennis Preston for the update on names.

North Skelton School – Infants Class – 1905

North Skelton School the site of learning for the inhabitants of North Skelton (most of whom were involved with the ironstone mine) was used until the 1960s. It then finally became Bettahome DIY Shop, sadly it is now a collection of storage units and an instrument shop! We have no names for any of the people in the image, can we have some help?

Image courtesy of Jeff Templeman.

North Skelton School – 1948

The infants’ class of 1948.

Back row (left to right): Alan Bonas, Neil Morley, Michael Boothby, Owen Laffey, Leslie Smith, Michael Endean, Armin Wilson, Gerald Kitchener, Ian Parks, Keith Watson, Arthur Fowler, Kenneth Keeler.

 Middle row: Derek Dauncey, Arthur Payne, Geoffrey Hudson, Rodney Tomlinson, John Sleeman, Frances Batterbee, Hilary Cole, Margaret Wilson, Irene Codling, Elizabeth Endean, Pamela Richardson, John Whiteley, Alan Burluraux, Owen Rooks.

 Front row (seated): ?Dent (I think), Janet Wynne, Eileen Webster, Ann Ruddy, Joan Robson, Evelyn Johnson, Sheila Harrison, Eunice Smurthwaite, Brenda Yeats, Christine Whitehead, Sheila Agar, Marjorie Butler.

Image and names courtesy of Owen Rooks.

North Skelton School 1950

Back row (left to right): Neil Morley, Rodney Tomlinson, John Sleeman, Michael Endean, Alan Burluraux, Geoffrey Hudson.

Third row: John Whiteley, Arthur Payne, Sheila Agar, Margaret Wilson, Janet Pratt, Pamela Richardson, Irene Codling, Evelyn Johnson, Hilary Cole, Derek Dauncey, Owen Rooks, Mrs Readman.

Second row: Sheila Harrison, Janet Wynn, Eileen Webster, Dorothy Hodgson, Christine Whitehead, Joan Robson, Marjorie Butler, Ann  Ruddy, Eunice Smurthwaite, Brenda Yates, Frances Batterbee.

Front row: Ian Parks, Gerald Kitchener, Michael Boothby, Leslie Smith, Robert Carter, Alan Bonas, Kenneth Keeler, Arthur Fowler, Keith Watson, Owen Laffey.

Image and names to date courtesy of Owen Rooks.

North Skelton School 1953

Coronation Year and our final year together at this school!

Back row: Kenneth Keeler, Edmund Howe, Robert Carter, Arthur Fowler, Ian Parks.

Middle row: John Procter, Geoffrey Hudson, Bill May, Owen Laffey, Derek Dauncey, Owen Rooks, John Sleeman, Michael Crossman, Keith Watson, Alan Burluraux, Alan Bonas.

Front row: Janet Wynn, Marjorie Butler, Sheila Harrison, Eunice Smurthwaite, Sheila Agar, Irene Codling, Dorothy Hodgson, Frances Batterbee, Helen Smith, Janet Cook, Eileen Webster.

 Owen Rooks tells us: ”I can’t recollect what the system was for determining the size of classes, 38 of us in 1950, 27 in 1953. There were only four classrooms in the school itself and an annexe had to be opened in an old chapel in North Skelton.”

Craig Laffey tells us: “Nice to see a photograph or two of my dad Owen Laffey who is still alive and well in Scarborough.”

Image and additional information courtesy of Owen Rooks; also thanks to Craig for the update.

Skelton Primary School – 1963

This photograph was taken when Skelton Infant School was at the bottom of Green Bank, Skelton. The children in this Nativity tableau are:

Back row: John Gell, Geoffrey Pattern, Bryan Young, Alan Young, Geoffrey Ward, Derek Prevell, Jeffrey Richardson, ??, Trevor Nicholas, Steven Lowe, George Bunning,

Front row (kneeling/seated): Barbara Bennett, Myra Lamb, Kathleen Hannah, ??.

Image and names courtesy of Kathleen Hicks; thanks to B. W. Young for additional names.