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Doing the Double – 1921

Winners of the East Cleveland League and Cleveland Cup in 1921 – Loftus.

Back row: A. Andrew (Scorer), C. Breckon Snr. (Umpire), S. Lindsley (Groundsman), J. S. Hebron, H. McCann, J. Harmer.

Middle row: Re. T. C. Booth, C. Breckon Jnr, F. Robinson, R. Slater, Archibald Toase, W. Toase, A. Bidmade, R. Dyson Nutt.

Front row: W. Mott, J. Ward, R. R. Davey (Captain), J. W. Hardy, G. Gott.

Image courtesy of Terry Shaw.

Rosecroft School Cricket Team – 1973

In 1973, Rosecroft School’s Cricket team are proudly photographed.

Back row: Mike Newton, Mark Wilson, Eric Sayer, Steve Gale, Peter Jones, Colin Chisholm, Colin Jefferson.

Front row: Kevin Gates, Trevor Legg, Peter Hart, Collin Locker, John Prteston, Calvin Champion, Ricky Halton.

Image and names courtesy of John Preston, thanks to Ricky Halton for the update.

Moorsholm Cricket Club Winners in 1914

Pictured having won the Cleveland Minor Cricket League in 1914, Moorsholm Cricket Club. Back row: Jordan Jackson, Richard Stevenson, Harry Johnson, William Wren, Tom Shaw, Will Hodgson, Tom Clark, Harry Armstrong, Robert Holliday, George Dove. Middle row: Jimmy Brown, Page Ward, Albion Smith, Arthur Barker, William Catron, Jack Popplewell, Jack Hodgson. Front row: Mr. Greenwood, ??.

This image (from a postcard) came to the Archive without names, following enquiries and directing to Keith Harding there was success!! We will probably featuring further images of Moorsholm Cricket Club following a kind invitation. Can anybody assist with the missing name?

Image courtesy of Geoff Kitching and thanks to Keith Harding (Moorsholm Cricket Club) for the names.

Skinningrove Lads and Russell Cup 1938

This photograph of Skinningrove lads came in an envelope entitled “Russell Cup 1938”, it is known that the Russell Cup was always played at Loftus Cricket Club, the Archive would welcome assistance in identifying all in the picture, as well as a location and reasons.

Back row ??, ??, Bob Simpson

Middle row Jack Simmons, Herbert Saunby, Dick Webster

Front row, Joe Scott, Billy Andrew, ??.

Image and names to date courtesy of Colin Hart (and Phil Saunby).

Loftus Cricket Club 1890

This image of Loftus Cricket team from 1890 came to the Archive from two sources and they are proudly shown possibly at Loftus Cricket Club. However there may be some confusion about names, so welcome any comments.

Back row: Arthur G. Andrew (Scorer), George Skillbeck (Umpire), Frederick H. Nutt, Robert Dyson–Nutt (Wicket keeper), Kirby Toase (Gas works Engineer lived in Duncan Place), R. W. Andrew, R. W. Dixon (Captain for 21 years).

Front row: J. Nicholls (Stonemason), Edward (Ted) J. Rowland (Vice Captain), James M. Slater (Chemist of Zetland Terrace), J. Wake, W. Wilkinson (Grocer of North Road), John Colley (Landlord of the Station Hotel).

Chris Colbeck tells us: “My father Edgar Colbeck played for Loftus Cricket Club before World War II and his mother married Archie Toase; Archie also played for Loftus and is referred to in the newspaper cutting you have in the Archive. I have recently found among photographs and family tree stuff, a photograph which I want to share with you and any other people doing family tree searches for Loftus people. Archie Toase’s father, Kirby Toase who lived in Duncan Place also played for the Loftus team.”

Images and names courtesy of Chris Colbeck and Terry Shaw.

A Cricket Team Puzzle

A Cricket Team Puzzle

Help is needed with this photograph of a Cricket Team. Believed to be at Carlin How Ground.

Back row: Joe Cannon (Umpire), Bob Doe, Des Hitchin, Keith Coote, Robert Hart, Alan Gorman, Arthur Simpson, Fred Hudson, Arthur Hawkins (Invoice Dept. Manager).

Front row: Les Brittan, Ken Hopper (Pay Dept.?), Terry Main, Neil Harrison, David Sturman.

Colin Hart tells us: ”The photograph was taken at Carlin How football ground, where the Skinningrove works athletic club played their inter department cricket competition. The team looks like the Staff team. Guess around 1970.”

Bob Doe tells us: ”It was the inter dept. trophy but I remember we also went to Workington that year to play their champions, but when we got there it was cancelled due to rain”.

Image courtesy Dave McGill and updates from Brian Young, Colin Hart and Bob Doe.


Originally posted as a newspaper cutting, the Archive is grateful for access to Terry Shaw’s Collection of Loftus Cricket Club material; with this image of Loftus Cricket team who were the champions of the Whitby B League in 1936.

Players standing: C. Watson (Scorer), J. Rowland (Umpire), J Garbutt, L. Carter, N. S. Carter, T. Colledge, F. Binks, W. Husband (Umpire)

Seated: R. R. King, B. Robinson, Wilfred F. Robinson (Captain), E. Colbeck, H. Varty.

Front: T. Robinson, J. Watson.

After Emma Wright told us: ”W. F. Robinson was my great grandad”, Pamela McVay told us: ”I am Emma’s auntie and W.F. (Wilf ) Robinson was my grandad, and T. (Tom) Robinson was his brother. Wilf also used to look after the Cricket field and my nanna (Ethel ) used to make the cricket teas.” Carol Barwick told us : ”And I used to ride on the cricket field grass cutter with him; they lived next door at Hillcrest.”

Image courtesy of the Terry Shaw Collection, thanks to Emma Wright, Pamela McVay and Carol Barwick for the updates.

Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee

Okay here comes the question again, where was Moss Farm in Loftus, or do they mean Mars Farm? Terry Shaw came to our aid with: “n 2005 I wrote a book ‘The History of Loftus Cricket Club’ after an extensive search I was unable to trace Moss Farm. Redcar library have maps of Loftus dating back to the 1870′s and Moss Farm does not appear anywhere, I presume that the references mean Mars Farm.” and “After further research Moss Farm still cannot be found, however the reference could mean Marsh Farm which was the original name of the Mars Inn.”

Cutting from a collection gifted to the Archive, most of the cuttings coming from the Northern Echo and cover the period 1930 to 1940. Thanks to Terry Shaw for the researches and update.

Loftus Cricket Team (1939)

Loftus Cricket Club 1st XI pictured at Marton in 1939, having won the Cleveland Challenge Cup (solid silver); it is still played for today. Ian Proctor tells us: ”The large trophy is the Cleveland Cup which was first played for in 1885 and was played as a two innings match and was won by Norton. The other trophy is the Kerridge Cup and was first played for in 1911 and was won by Liverton Mines. Both cups are still played for today.”
Standing: E. L. Linsley, T. Robinson, W. Johnson (Gateman), F. Symonds, Oswald Smelt (12th man), George Franks (Vice Captain), Ronald Richard King..
Sitting: John Andrew (Scorer), R. Jackson, Joe Fenby, Wilf Robinson (Captain), J. Watson, Ernie Cockburn, Wilf Sanderson.

Sally Abra (nee King) tells us: ”The tall gentleman in the striped jacket on the end of the back row right hand side, is my father Ronald Richard King (son of Dick King often referee and husband to Dorothy nee Walton Winn). “Ron” emigrated to Australia with daughter Sally in 1975, to live with his son Richard; Ron passed away in 1977.”

Thanks to John Preston and Sally Abra (who also gave us correction details of Ron) for updates and dates, also Ian Proctor (Historian of Cleveland Cricket League) for additional information.

A Proud Trio

This proud trio pose; smiling broadly, with an array of trophies, whilst receiving another – I was never that fit!

They are: Steve Trillo, Colin Codling, Colin Fenby and the man in the suit is Ernie Cockburn. They were Captains at Loftus Cricket Club, and we asked: ”but what was the occasion and when?” Ken Fawcett told us: ”The photograph was taken at the end of season presentation evening. I think the year was 1978 and the venue was Rushpool Hall. Colin Fenby was A team captain and we were Champions of the Cleveland and Teesside league for the second successive year. The following year we made it three in succession.”

Thanks to Mark Smithies and Ken Fawcett for information.