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Guisborough Grammar School Form 1 Alpha – 1966

Guisborough Grammar School’s Form 1 Alpha gathered in 1966 for the class photograph: Back row: Alan Wright, Graham Hodgson, Anthony Ward, Steve Wright, Barry Miller, Pete Sanchez, Andy Over, Robert Liddell, Michael Champney.

Middle row: Dave Shorten, Alan Trigg, Peter Madden, Ken Tod, Ralph Levy, Steve Walker, John ‘Sprout’ Houghton, Peter Mason, Alan Pearson, Graham Ormerod.

Front row: Andrew Holman, Andrew Day, Sean O’Rourke, Peter Thomas, Mr Anderson (Form Teacher), Michael Pearce, Tony ‘Tosh’ Smith, Robert ‘Scratch’ Ward, Andrew Tyas.

Andrew Day who sent the Archive has memories this time: “I started at Guisborough Grammar School in January 1966 and was plonked in form 1 Alpha. It was a bit of a baptism of fire for our family. We moved from Southend on Sea to Guisborough in that dreadful winter of 1966. I started at Guisborough Grammar School and my sister one year my senior went to the Laurence Jackson School. We were ribbed mercilessly at first at school due largely I believe because of our southern accents. Still, as time moved on we grew to be accepted and our times in North Yorkshire became a very rich and rewarding time for us all, especially our mother who to the day she died, wanted to move back north.”

Image and names to date courtesy of Andrew Day, thanks to John Poulter, Steve Walker and Bob Liddell for completing the naming.

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  • John Poulter

    I found this photograph while browsing through sites for Guisborough. I attended GGS for the school years 1965-66 and 1966-67 until leaving for Canada in April 1967. In 1965-66 the form teacher for 1 Alpha was Mr Stairmand, who taught English. The Master in the photograph does not look like Mr. Stairmand and does look like Mr. Anderson the Biology teacher. I am not in this photograph for some reason, but many of the names are still familiar 50 plus years later. Alan Trigg and I both attended Northgate in G’boro before GGS, Robert Ward and Peter Mason came from Stokesley/Great Ayton/Thirsk area, Peter Madden was from Brotton I believe. Bob “Seth” Liddle is also a familar name. There is a David Stockton identified in the photo, but I do remember a David Shorten. I see a note from Andrew Day, and I remember him joining the class. Andrew became friend and for some reason I don’t recall we nicknamed him “Bongo”. I hope Andrew isn’t offended by my mentioning “Bongo”. I recall seeing Andrew at a bus stop on Westgate after I had left GGS just a few days before we left for Canada. It was hard to find words. Anyone who remembers me and can fill in some gaps, I’d be interested to see how everyone prospered.

  • John Poulter

    I think I can help out a bit here with the 1 Alpha photo from 1966. Back Row: I believe the person at the very top left is Alan/Allan Wright. Middle Row: I believe the first pupil is David Shorten (not Stockton) and Mr. Pearson’s first name was Alan (I remember he wore a hearing aid, was a good left footed footballer) and was just before me alphabetically in class attendance calls. In the front row, I believe the pupil between Tony “Tosh” Smith and Andrew Tyas is Robert Ward.

  • Steve Walker

    Andy Over is next to Peter Sanchez. John Houghton (Sprout) is next to me. John is correct. Alan Pearson is next to Peter Mason, and it’s Robert Ward (Scratch) next to Tosh Smith. And it was indeed David Shorten, not Stockton.
    I can remember you, John, as being quite tall with short blonde wavey hair. Am I right?
    I vividly remember Bongo arriving from ‘down South’, and, yes, he was teased because of his accent, but he became very popular in the year group.
    John didn’t mention the Nunthorpe contingent. Probably with good reason! That’s me, John Houghton, Mike Pearce, Tony Ward and Andy Over.

    • john coppinger

      Hi Steve I started at GGS in 69 so all these boys were 3 years older and will have been in 3rd form and like Gods to us minnows . Can you confirm that Mike Pierce had a nickname of “Mubber” and that John Houghton went under “Harry” ? Also we had a lad called Richard Day who had a southern accent ..Bongo’s brother ? Sad to say Alan Trigg died earlier this year …a lovely lad and sadly missed.

  • Ralph Levey

    Thank you Andrew, John and Steve for prompting fond memories of the two years I spent at Guisborough Grammar School. I moved away as John did, but in my case it was to Edinburgh in August 1967.
    I’m sure that most of the names are now correct. I’ll forgive the missing out of the second “e” in Levey; I’m just pleased that someone remembered me, considering that I moved away so long ago.
    I remember you Steve, as I was also part of the Nunthorpe contingent, and I remember the others well.
    Great memories!

  • This Picture does bring back many Memories tho I cant think of anything really that’s “fit to print”.Stevie Wright used to regale most of the class_in the 8.55AM_9.05AM “slot”_ with lurid tales of what he got up to with some Girl from the County Modern in a Haystack in Boosbeck _but,I suppose, that was all part of “growing_up” _”Coming of Age”_Wasn’t David Thirkell a member of the “Alpha Stream”??_& David Marsay(From Moorsholm”)_now deceased _he was in the Alpha __Class??Please note_the “nickname”_Seth_was given to me by Les Hardy from Loftus & related to a Country Yokel figure in the Book_TV adaptation of “Cold Comfort Farm” (NOT the Seth from Emmerdale Farm) At the time this photo was taken I think I was known as “Bob” ( or, more formally by Staff as “Robert ” Liddell(L-I-D-D-E-L-L..not Liddle ,as above) Sorry to be pedantic .Best Wishes to all..( I think it ..the Haystack ..was in Boosbeck,maybe Lingdale_Margrove Park..)

  • Alan Radford

    Stevie Wright and David Shorten were Lingdale Lads.

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