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Timm’s Coffee House, Skinningrove

Two gaffers enjoying a smoke and a yarn outside Timm’s Coffee House in Skinningrove after coming off shift.  Now known to be Bill (Drummer) Wilson on left and Alf Roe. A rather grand name for a working class pub, but one that has stuck – it is the only pub in the village, the Working Men’s Club and Institute having ”gone to the wall” some years ago. Notice the low-level hatch for beer deliveries and the ornate gate posts – Timms Coffee House was used as a coffee house. in the 18th century it was a luxury item and quite expensive. It was where the gentry of the time would meet. The building was built by Tim Maynard’s father in law John Easterby M.P. to replace the Old Hall, the present day Post office. 

Image courtesy of Graham Smith, with thanks to Kim, Colin Hart, John Kennedy and Bob Doe for updates and names.

3 comments to Timm’s Coffee House, Skinningrove

  • Danny plews

    Message for John Kennedy I cannot remember this place – was it near Aunt Ada’s?
    I wish they would show a picture of yopu old home. Danny

  • Susan Bailey

    I have a feeling that’s Alf Roe from Grove Hill who was married to Winnie whose son was Eric and daughter Edna. Shame skinningrove went pear shaped.

  • Susan Bailey

    Bumped into Eric at Saltburn Library and saw Edna and Maurice at Loftus and their daughter Karen is a most beautiful young lady who is a credit to them.

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