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Mr and Mrs Neil Garbutt

The wedding photograph of Neil and Margaret Garbutt, married 16th January 1965. The newspaper commentary read: “Happy newly weds, Mr. Neil Garbutt of Brotton, and his bride, Miss Margaret Hicks, of Loftus, after the ceremony at St. Leonard’s Church, Loftus, on Saturday.” Michael Garbutt commented: “This is my Mam and Dad, who recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. They ran the Youth Club for many years, both at the old location at the Odd Fellows Hall, and during its move to its present location at Duncan Place.
I have lots of memories of the old hall, especially playing football in the big room above and loved searching around all the rooms. In one I found the newspaper informing everyone about the breakout of World War II! Still have it somewhere. And who remembers the old black Ambulance that we used to drive around in?”

Image courtesy of Loftus Youth Club and many thanks to Michael Garbutt for the update.

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  • Lynne Rigers

    Neil and Margaret were involved with the youth club when it was at odd fellows hall , just want to say they were fantastic with us kids !

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