Carlin How Club Hall – Butterfly Queen – 1949

Derick Pearson confirmed the title of this image with: “Butterfly Queen Production in Carlin How Working Men’s Club Hall. The Butterfly Queen was Sylvia Conway, her father was a Policeman and her brother in later life also became a policeman. To Sylvia’s left is Jean MacLean, her father Bob MacLeans had a shop at the bottom end of Carlin How near the top of the bank, Jean later married young Charlie Helling. Charlie Hellings (senior) had the shop at the end of Bell View Terrace, Carlin How. Second row back, 2nd from right is Ronnie Batchelor, 4th from right is Sheila Magor (later married Frankie Tooth and then Trevor Debrick), 3rd from right is Betty Winspear.  Andrew Downs added: “My mum; Marie Lancaster (Downs) is on second row, fourth from the left and sixth from the left is Sheila Featherstone (mum’s school chum and known as ‘Feather’)”. Whilst Elaine Ward (nee Batchelor) advised: ” The boy on the second row up second from the right is my brother Ron Batchelor”.

Can anybody help with additonal names?

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre (from a collection compiled originally by Derick Pearson), also than Derick Pearson for information, also thanks to Andrew Downes and Sheila Ward (Batchelor) for the names update.

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