Carlin How Club Hall Ladies

Back row (left to right): Mrs Roe, ??, Mrs Garbutt, Mrs Agnes Davis.

Front row: Mrs Magor, Mrs Lettin, Mrs Duffy, ??.  Do you know any of these ladies, were they your Gran or your Mum?   Tell us about them please.

David Archer tells us: ”I believe Mrs Magor was my great gran she moved to Loftus living in Queens Road and died around 1960.”

Rosemary Brooks also tell us: ”The lady in the back row on the right is my grandmother Agnes Davis. She was a dressmaker and I would guess the dress she was wearing was one of her creations.”

Image courtesy of Derick Pearson (from a collection compiled for Carlin How Community Centre in 1983). Thanks for information from David  Archer and Rosemary Brooks, also to Sharon West for the update.

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