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We’re Back Again

Back row: Jonathan Tremain, Jason Lockery , Paul Daniels, Alan Gladders, Guy Bowman, Andrew Lindsey, Stuart Stoddart, Mrs Blades.

Middle row: Darren Laity, David ?, Michelle Robinson, Jaclyn Scott, Kirsty Smith, Rachel Mead, Emma Ainsley, Hayley Alderson, Guy Leeks, Paul Shaw.

Front row: Natalie ?, ??, Elaine ?, Linda Bainbridge, Victoria Melvin, Lesley Stoddart, Helen Covell, Joanne ? , Claire Williams, Stuart Stoddart.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson (photography by Tom Sayers); also thanks to Neil Stonehouse, Stuart Stoddart and Adam Cuthbert for names, can anybody else help? Thanks also to Jaclyn Scott and Jackie Scott for the updates.

2 comments to We’re Back Again

  • Jaclyn Scott

    Middle row, 4th along Jaclyn Scott

  • Jackie scott

    Back row 2nd along is Jason Lockery

    Middle row 2nd along was David someone, 5th along was Helen Boulavan our something, 7th along on middle from left to right is Emma Ainsley and 8th is Hayley Alderson.

    Front row first on left is Natalie someone, and 8th from left was Joanne someone

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